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I'm making my chapters longer so I won't have so many chapters, I already have 15 so yeah

Tad suicidal trigger warning ⚠️


Froppy said the " party " would be later in the day at around 12. Since it was still early Bakugou decided to see if Todoroki was ok and if he needed to take time off school. Everyone was still outside talking and laughing and eating.
( Todoroki was in the cabin since he finished eating early and was preparing to take a bath somehow)

" hey icyhot, do you need to time of school or something I'm sure the academy would let you since well..you know" Bakugou said.
" I would but my dad won't let me skip a day of school unless I'm about to die " he doesn't make eye contact and picks up a towel that Momo made. " but I'm taking a day off for the funeral.." he stops his actions for a brief second before turning around. " thanks though "

Bakugou felt sorry for Todoroki. Very sorry.

Bakugou's PoV:

Icyhot got a towel and left the cabin to go talk to Momo about something. I would jealous of Momo but I guess she's my wing woman, but I still don't like her.

Half half seems like a rich kid who gets like 10 million a month but I guess his problems are scary. He tried to commit suicide. Fucking suicide. Imagine if his mum died.. he would probably go ballistic and torture himself to death.

After zoning out for a bit I go outside and decide to go wash up the pots in the sea or a near by river.

" IM CLEANING THE DISHES!! " I yell and snatch bowls,spoons and the pot I made it in. Naked girl shouts something but I stomp my way over to a nearby lake.

The lake was pretty, I like pretty things. It was also calming as there was a small waterfall and it was surrounded by flowers and other various plants. The water was blue as it reflected the sky. A smell filled my nose. It wasn't flowers or just fresh air, not animal poo it was... soap?

I scan my eyes over the area and find Icyhot in the water. His head wasn't above it so.. HE IS TRYING TO DROWN HIMSELF. I drop the plates but they don't smash due to the grass and sprint over to Todoroki before jumping over to the water. I stomp my way over and grab his hair to pull him up.
" what do you think you're doing "
I screech at him but not too loudly incase he starts crying or some shit.

" I'm taking a bath "
Oh no
"... WHY WAS YOUR HEAD UNDERWATER THEN" I yell at him but it didn't faze half half.

" i was relaxing... "
" can you let go of me now please "

Thankfully he was still in his underwear or this would of been awkward. It was still awkward but he's so hot what the actual fuck. I scan my eyes over his body before letting go of the bicoloured hair.
"Sorry" I say
" why are you here anyways "
" washing up "
" ah ok "

We both get out the water and he goes ahead and drys himself off as I clean out the dishes. I glance at hi every now and then. God I feel like a creep.

" I'm heading back to the cabin now " I tell icyhot.
" c-can we talk " he says while grabbing his towel.
( he brought clothes and changed behind a tree or something )
" sure " I reply back




We sit down under some kind of cliff which was pretty isolated and a tad far from the cabin.
" I just can't..." he starts off
" can't what "
He put his head down for a brief moment before looking up and shoves his face into my chest, which takes me by surprise  and my back hits the wall behind me.

Shouto doesn't appear to be crying he's just laying his head against my chest. I start blushing praying he doesn't look up.
" I just can't handle life anymore, I'm not going to kill myself but my farther said that my mum doesn't know yet and and and I-I "

He lifts his head up but still not making eye contact and looks down. " can you.. never mind, " he starts but doesn't finish.

I've never seen icyhot this emotional before and well.. I want to help him. I want him. I want shouto. I claim him now.

" it's ok if you do need anything just ask but don't tell anyone that I've been helping you. " I say before standing up. " the others will wonder where we are so let's go back"

He replies with a simple " sure " before following me back to the cabin.


Third person POV:

Once at the cabin Todoroki went inside to hang his towels up and take a quick nap.

Meanwhile outside Bakugou was putting the pans outside the cabin door before Momo approached him.

" does your arse hurt? " she asks
" WHAT" Bakugou yells back at her.
" well you know, did something happen between~"
Soon the other three were turning their way since all the racket.
" shut up no " Bakugou whispers/scowls at her.
" yeah yeah, but I'm sure one day you'll be going at it like rabbits"
" SHUT UP" Bakugou screeches before usuing a explosion in her face.
" okay okay calm down, I was only joking " momo says just incase her face gets blown to bits.

Bakugou goes ahead and sits with the others and Momo goes into the cabin.

" hey shouto, you asleep? " Momo asks.
" trying to sleep " todoroki replies before flipping his pillow.
" is everything ok, you've just seemed a bit sad. Ya know? "
" no everything's fine" he replies before waving goodbye to show that he was going to fall asleep.
" I'll wake you up once everyone's going to the beach, night I guess" momo says before going to join the others.

👏 Momo is best wing woman👏


I need longer chapters
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