Chapter 7

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The four boys set out on their birds. None of them really had a plane but they just decided to follow their gut and do a few hunts and small missions the local residents gave them. Prom took pictures at almost every stop claiming that they need to always remember their travels. Ignis was the one to finally take charge and start to plan things. Basically, the only things they did was hunting,  missions, finding wildlife, getting prom out that tree, and setting up their equipment for camping. Noct stayed by ignis and prom. Ingis lead everyone and kept an eye on prompto because he better not get in another fuckin tree just to get a good shot. Gladio trailed behind at the back glancing around at wildlife. Prompto was bouncing off the walls pointing and picking up things he found. He was an excited little Fox and the others didn't have the heart to tell him to calm down. He's too cute.  

Time skip to that night

The sleeping arrangement wasn't too bad. Ignis and Gladio huddled close and Prompto and noct huddled close. It was cold out and no one wanted to leave the tent to get the thick blanket in the car. So they used their thin blankets and paired up. Yep, not bad at all. Save for the squirming Prompto.

Prompto ( POV )

I ran through the forest gasping and tripping over almost everything. Two furry creatures were in my arms, but I couldn't check what they were. I had to watch where I was going as trees, bushes, and branches made my way almost impossible. I heard men over my shoulder yelling things I couldn't make out as I zigzagged my way through the snagging branches. My legs ached as I ran and the men got closer. I looked behind me then at the small animals I had in my arms, Foxes. The two foxes looked up at me with pure anger and suddenly I was on the ground. The foxes now sat behind me and the men stood there with blank faces. I stared at the foxes until I recognized what this was " Mother? Father? " I asked and soon they shifted. They sat there looking angry " Pathetic. We wasted our lives to save you. What have you done Prompto...Nothing important? " Mother said turning her nose up at me in disgust just like she did when I brought her small bugs. I used to giggle at her scrunched up face but now that it's pointed at me it's not exactly funny " Are you going to disappoint those boys just like you did to us. Let them die instead of you? Just like us?" Father asked snarling at me. Never have I ever seen his ears turn back until now. His tail flicked angrily from side to side and my mothers did too. The men in the background started to laugh at me all calling me weak, useless, and disappointing. I knew all of this was true. that I was weak, useless, a disappointment, nothing that my parents wanted, Pathetic, and that I was going to let down our whole team, but it hurt to hear it out loud and said by someone else. 

I've reminded myself that I was all these things daily and now I guess I'm doing it nightly too. 

How pathetic. 

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