Good Morning Everyone!

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Reiko's POV

"Good Morning.Everyone (n_n)"-Me

"Why are you so happy?"-Ryouko

"I think she's been curse"-Yukiteru

"That's not it.I think she's been possess"-Okumura

"Shut up you two *Glare*"-Me

"We're sorry"-The two boys

"So,Why are you happy?"-Ryouko

"Because my step-brother will come for a visit.He told me that he will stay here atleast 2 days"-Me

"Oh,Really.I'm happy for you"-Ryouko

"So,Please go to my house tomorrow"-Me

"Ok.We will all go"-Yukiteru

"By the way,What is the name of your brother?"-Okumura

"My Brother's name is Akihiro "-Me

"Oh,What a manly name"-Ryouko

"Hey,Our name is manly too"-The two boys


Then the bell ring.........


"Morning Ma'am"-Everyone in class

*I'm so excited for tomorrow*-Me

*I'm glad that Reiko is happy*-Ryouko


"Atlast I'm here.Wait for me Reiko"-Akihiro

"I wonder where I should ride a taxi or a bus?"

 Nahh Never mind, I'm going to ride in a taxi



Ryouko's POV

"Promise me that you will come to my house tomorrow"-Reiko

"Okay.Fine we promise"-Me

"But I don't like"-Okumura


"Okay.I take it back I will go"-Okumura



"Do your brother know your house?"-Yukiteru


"Don't tell me....."-Me

"I don't know."-Reiko

"Then call him"-Yukiteru



"Hello Akihiro-nii-chan,Do know where my apartment is??"-Reiko

[Yes ofcourse,i will never forget where is the apartment of my lovely sister is ^_^]

"Awww,That's so sweet brother "-Reiko

[Course,anyway,be careful on your way home,just tell me if someone hurt ya]

"You're too protective hehe thanks for your time,have a safe trip nii-chan,bye"-Reiko

[Bye :)]


"Yes.He did say that he knew it"-Reiko

"It's very obvious through the words ya say, 'aww that's so sweet'"-Yukiteru

"Gee,Stop copying my words,it really sounds gay in you"-Reiko

"I'm not a gay!"-Yukiteru

"No one asked"-Reiko

"No one cares"-Me

"Haha,let's just go home"-Okumura

"Hey I'm not--"-Yukiteru

"Ohh,just shut up!"-Reiko


Then they all went home

(in the morning)

Reiko's POV


"I'm tired"-Me

"That's bad I think your brother will go home now"-Akihiro

"Huh,Wait don't go"-Me 

"Haha,Reiko I miss you"-Akihiro

"Me too *Hug*"-Me

"I'm glad nothing bad happen to you"-Me


                                                                                                                                                                                    Then someone knock the door.Then Reiko open the door



"Who are they?"-Akihiro

"They are my friends.This is Ryouko..."-Me

"Nice to meet you"-Ryouko


"What's up?"-Okumura

"And Yukiteru"-Me


"Nice to meet you too"-Akihiro

"Are you sure his your brother he seems to normal"-Yukiteru

"Yes you have a problem with that?"-Me

*Reiko seem to be happy with them*-Akihiro

"Oh,Let's play some cards then"-Akihiro


Then they played

This day everything turn out well n_n

 "Why are you smilling by yourself?"-Akihiro

"I'm just happy"-Me

"I think we have a winner"-Ryouko



"We all lose"-Yukiteru

"What the heck.....Atleast we all have fun"-Me


End of Chapter 13

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