♡Mine|Part Two♡

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"Make sure you turn up at rehearsals tomorrow, Mike," Frank looked at me with serious eyes as he walked out of the office. "Tomorrow's a big performance,"

"Every performance is a big performance, Frank," I laughed. "And of course I'll be there. I need everything to be perfect!"

"Yeah, yeah - you and your perfectionist nature," he muttered waving me off as I giggled. "I'll see you tomorrow,"

"See ya," I waved as Frank shut the door behind him.

Once he did so, I leaned back in my leather chair, letting my mind wander. I was feeling particularly creative this evening.

Perhaps I should write another song.

No, I wasn't really feeling that. I sighed closed my eyes before a thought came to mind.

(Y/N). The most beautiful girl that I had ever seen.

How had I not noticed her before?

I glanced at my watch and noted that the time was a quarter to six. In fifteen minutes, she would knock off - and that meant I would be able to get into contact with her.

Grabbing the telephone receiver, I quickly dialed the staff switchboard room number - immediately being answered by Carol, the head of staff.

"Good evening, Mr. Jackson," she spoke. "How can I help you?"

"Yes, I have a request," I responded. "Can you tell me where (Y/N) is?"

"(Y/N)...." she trailed off. "She's one of the assistants, am I correct,"


"Yes, she's in the theater," Carol laughed a little. "I asked her to mop the stage floor,"

"Okay, thanks," I laughed as well, setting the receiver down. I stood up and adjusted my shirt.

Now, to the theater we go.


Upon arriving at the theater, I instantly recognized (Y/N)'s figure up on stage - mopping the floor whilst humming a tune. I smiled and shoved my hands into my pockets - walking over to her.

"Hi," I said softly, making her gasp and look up.

"Mr. Jackson, I-"

"Please," I held my hand up. "Call me Michael,"

She studied me for a moment before nodding, and humoring me. "Michael,"

"I heard Carol asked you to mop the stage floor," I laughed slightly, making (Y/N) do the same. She was truly a sight of pure beauty. I had never seen anyone like her.

"Yeah, it was the least I could do for her. She's been so nice to me ever since I joined,"

"Oh...has the rest of the team not been nice to you?" I frowned.

"No...no...it's nothing like that," she looked down at the floor. "I just..." she trailed off and shrugged before looking back up at me. "I'm not everyone's favorite,"

I furrowed my eyebrows further, moving closer to her. She sensed my movements, but decided to keep her eyes on the floor.

"Hey," I pulled her arm, bringing her closer to me. Her scent made my mind lose track for a second. "Are you being victimized?"

"I'm not supposed to say anything," she sighed. "Everyone says that I'm lucky enough to be on the team, and that I shouldn't complain,"

Oh hell no. She was far too delicate for this.

"(Y/N)...you got this job because you're gifted. Don't let anyone tell you, or make you feel, otherwise," I looked at her, using my hand to tilt her chin up. When her eyes met mine - my heart skipped a beat.

How was she so beautiful? I could have gotten lost in her eyes for all I cared. I inched closer to her, for a moment - losing all of my senses.

Just as our lips were about to connect, the theater door opened and she pulled away from me, clearing her throat.

I looked up and saw Jasmine, a fellow member of my team - someone who worked with (Y/N).

"Mr. Jackson," she smiled at me. "Carol would like to see you,"

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