All the Colors of the Heart

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            Four days?! How could I have been out that long. I had to keep moving. 

            "Thank you so much, for you care and concern," I thanked them and they smiled. 

            "Of course young one, now let my daughter take you to John Smith, he may be able to help you find your way back to your homeland." 

            "Yes, thank you again."

            Pocahontas leaned forward and took my by the hand and pulled me up taking me out of the tent. It was amazing, this world was nothing but grass, trees and water. With the exception of this tribe and what they make of it. But other than that this world was all natural, nothing but the earth itself. 

            "Follow me, come this way," 

            Pocahontas quickly and happily pulled me along, practically running. I was just amazed I was able to keep up with her and her free spirit. We went passed countless trees that all looked the same but to her it seemed she knew every tree, every rock, and river. This was her home. So she was familiar with it but nothing looked the same. We then got in a small boat and she rowed us across the river. 

            And in the boat ready to greet her was her raccoon friend, Meeko, and her hummingbird friend, Flit. Meeko's personality was more like Pocahontas, he was happy and free spirit but also mischievous and greedy. Flit's demeanor was more like a parent, a bit firm and disciplined, and cautious, but you knew he cared for Pocahontas and would do what he could for her. We pulled up to the grass, next to a trees, where there was a man standing, almost like he was studying something. 

            "John!" Pocahontas called. He turned to her and smiled, greeting her with a hug. "She's awake." She said happily. 

            The name John Smith now had a face to it and he took two steps away from Pocahontas, toward me. His smile was welcoming. He had blond hair that stopped at the base of his neck, blue eyes like the water, and he wore a light blue shirt with dark blue pants and shoes. 

            "Well look who's finally up, take an extra long nap huh?" he joked. 

            I laughed a little. " Uh .....yeah.... could you tell me where I am?" 

            "This is the new world, my friend, there are plenty of them. Where are you from?" 

            "Well I'm from another world, there are-" 

            "Your not suppose to tell them anything..." I saw it was Renxsuke, standing behind them. 

             How? I thought he was gone. Or at least I wouldn't see him for awhile but it's odd because he's showing his face in front of others. I could see that by his condition, he was effected greatly, It looked like a side of his face and one of his arms were burned from it. 

            "Who are you?" Pocahontas asked. 

            "You guys have to go!" I drew my keyblades. 

            "But Ayame?!" 

            "No! Go!" 

            "Come on Pocahontas, she seems like she can handle this," John Smith said. 

            "But we can't just leave her!" 

            "I'll be fine. I told her." John then tugged her off and they vanished in the bushes, followed by Flit and Meeko. "All he is now is a shadow....So, came for some more huh?" 

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