When I awoke I found myself laying on the grass or dirt? I could only think that the sand suffocated me and made me pass out. When I became clear of my surroundings I was in some sort of house? Or hunt, Made of maybe bamboo or sticks? I wasn't quite sure. But then a beautiful woman with copper skin and long black hair entered the hut. She wore a tan brown dress that came to her thigh and was accessorized with a blue necklace that looked like it could have been made with natural earth elements.          

            "Oh good your awake," She came in with a smile, carrying a basket of fruit, and sat it on the ground next to me as she knelt in front of me. "How are you feeling? What happened to you?"           

            I didn't respond. I didn't know what to say. I had never come in contact with a stranger who was so concerned with the well being of another stranger.           

            She laughed and shook her head, more so at her self. "I'm sorry I don't mean to ask so many question, I just wanted to see if you were alright."           

            "Uh yes...I'm fine thank you. Um.. where am I?" I asked as I sat up.           

            "You are in my home. Near the quia khonak." That didn't really help but ok, I guess that's all she would know if this is her world. "What's your name?"           



            "Yes, what is yours?"           

            "My name is, Pocahontas. You have a strange name. Like John Smith.  But your name is beautiful."           

            "Thank you, Pocahontas. And John Smith?"           

            "Yes, he is traveler and has been to many places, and a friend to our tribe, maybe he can help you."           

            Then the curtain which I assume was the doorway to this home, a man with copper skin and long black walked in, he was slightly taller than Pocahontas. He wore a long tan robe, carried a  wooden staff, and wore a small feathered headdress on his head. 

            "Wingapo, father," Pocahontas said, smiling. 

            "Hello, daughter, how is our guest?"           

            "She seems to be doing better father, thank you." 

            Her father kneeled down to me with a warm smile,  "It is nice you are awake and that your eyes are bright. The spirits have looked out for you. What is your name?"                       

            "Ayame..." I answered. 

            "It is nice to meet you, Ayame. I am Chief Powatan, and this is my tribe. You have already met my daughter." 

            I looked at both of them realizing, a chief is like a king of a small community which means Pocahontas is a princess. "Could either one of you tell me what happened?" 

            They looked at one another and then looked at me, but the chief decided to answer and the both had a sad concerned expression on their face. 

            "Pocahontas found you unconscious in the woods, she  and her friend John Smith carried you here, worried and scared. Our healer, Kekata did what he could to contact the spirits and heal you, so you'd awaken but you never did.  You have been here, unconscious for four days. I'm glad you've awakened, our tribe was getting worried." 

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