♡Vegas ~ Request♡

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Kivia sighed as her and her best friend, Thea, stood in front of the hotel mirror. The two women wore stunning evening dresses - Thea wearing black, and Kivia wearing navy blue.

The idea was Thea's - mainly because work was difficult, and the week had been crappy. Thea had managed to convince Kivia that a weekend in Las Vegas would be the way to de-stress.

Kivia was skeptical at first, but eventually, she had begun to see the beauty of it all. Las Vegas was a wonderful place after all.

"Wow," Thea nudged Kivia. "You look stunning,"

Kivia giggled and turned to face Thea. "You look just as beautiful,"

Thea laughed and waved her best friend off. "I guarantee that the men will not be able to keep their eyes off of you,"

"I hardly think so," Kivia shook her head, walking to grab her purse. "Now where are we going to first?"

Thea smiled widely.

"The Casino,"


The lights were bright and people chattered loudly. Kivia gasped as her and Thea walked into the hotel casino. Everything looked so magical.

As the two girls approached one of the gambling tables - a man happened to catch Kivia's eye. He was tall, and had caramel skin - with black curls that were fastened into a low bun. His suit was sharp, and most of all - his eyes were fixated on Kivia's form.

He thought she was the most gorgeous girl he had ever seen.

He held his cards, moving his eyes from his cards to Kivia's form. It was clear that he was becoming distracted. Thea whispered something to Kivia before walking off.

Kivia's eyes widened as the man set his cards down, excusing himself from the table and walking over to the young lady that had caught his eye.

"Hello," he nodded at her, his cool and minty breath fanning her face slightly.

"Hi," Kivia smiled back, attempting to keep her cool.

"I'm Michael," he held his hand out for her to take. Kivia did so, and Michael kissed her hand - setting butterflies alight in her stomach.

"Kivia," she smiled.

"Can I ask you to have a glass of wine with me?" he leaned over and whispered into her ear.

"I would love to,"


Several wine glasses later, Kivia was up in Michael's suit - laughing away. The two had made an instant connection - and both enjoyed each other's company.

Kivia had learned many things about Michael - and vise versa. The wonderful conversation, paired with good alcohol - proved to be an amazing night.

"I'm going to do something, and I want you to tell me to stop if you're uncomfortable," Michael suddenly whispered before moving in to kiss Kivia.

Kivia, of course, was not complaining. The kiss was perfect. When Michael pulled away a bit, she grabbed onto his collar as his hands moved to her waist.

"Don't stop," she whispered back, smirking a little as Michael grinned. "Don't ever stop,"

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