Big Interstellar Red Dot

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A Conversation Between Us

We gathered around
DeeJAY, a tabby
with a wolf-pelt
beneath his stripes,

and we discussed
where to find Lahea,
to save hoomanity
from the Babylonians

and Orange Man,
given we'd lost
Happy Rock—

garden decor,
stolen by the lizard
Greg murdered
before interrogated it.

Hooman #1: So where is Lahea Ikaika?

Hooman #A: Greg, stop clawing the couch—

As Greg ripped his rage
on the corner of the love
seat, Philosopher Jones
and Phoebe hulked
into the living room
of Feline Society #337
their senior-cat shoulders
rising, falling, noble
with every step.

Buttercup and Tom
watched quietly,
awaiting their elder,
Philo, or their young
commander, DeeJAY,

to give them
their next instructions.

DeeJAY: Our reports suggest she's in Hawaii.

Philo: Born in a bush at the Maui Marriott.

Phoebe: But the Cat Sanctuary has her now?

DeeJAY: Fortunately, yes.

Phoebe: So she'll be safe there.

Philo: Proxima Centauri B has attacked it before...

Phoebe: Not since Loker upgraded our systems.

Hooman #1: Loker? ...Da Loker?

Hooman #A: Who's that?

Hooman #1: A cat I hoomanned before I met you...

Philo: My short-haired twin brother.

Phoebe: Cancer took him.

Hooman #A: ...Oh... I, I'm sorry...

Philo: I live on for both of us.

Hooman #1: But he upgraded... systems?

Phoebe: Yes, our solar defense system—

DeeJAY: Big Interstellar Red Dot.

Philo: We call it BIRD for short.


First draft: August 18

Second draft: September 18

Word count: 244

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