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Her wavy brown hair reached her waist. As I met her mismatched eyes, Archer's words rang through my head.

"I found her!" He shouted after he caught his breath.

Mom and I exchanged looks. We were first confused by what he meant. What did he mean by her? Then it dawned on me...


The girls eyes twinkled with happiness and light that I have never seen in any human before. She was pure... Good... The very definition of light.

So... Why did the goddess match her with my brother? He is dark. Everything about him defies her. They are polar opposites.

"My name is Reina. You must be new here!" She held out her hand and gave me a gentle smile.

This is so wierd... One day she will be my queen and my sister-in-law. She will carry the heir to the throne... My nephew...

"My name is Arika. I don't mean to be a bother, but... I was wondering if you had any time to show me around?" I looked down in an act of what she would take as nervousness. In reality its an act of respect for my Queen.

"Of course! Come on! I'll introduce you to my best friend first!" She took my arm gently and led me down the hall.

We stopped in front of a locker with cheer stickers all over it. A preppy girl... Great. I thought sarcastically.

Standing next to the locker was a blonde. Luckily not one of the fake, slutty blondes though. She was on her phone, probably texting someone, and grinning like a kid in a candy store.

Reina cleared her throat loudly to gain the girls attention. Her head snapped up quickly. Her smile got wider, if that were possible, and she jumped into Reina's arms. I tensed, ready to haul the stupid blonde off of My Queen when I remembered I was in human civilization now.

"Reina!" She squealed. I winced from the high pitched noise, "You would not believe what happened!"

"Try me," a small smile played on Reina's pink lips as she rolled her eyes.

"You know Elijah?" The blonde giggled.

"Yeah...?" She scrunched her face.

"He's on the football team." She explained quickly and waved her hand as if to brush it off, "Well... We exchanged numbers on Friday and now we're dating!"

"Good for you!" She looked at me, "Oh! This is... Um- what was your name again?" Reina asked while giving me an apologetic expression.

"Arika," I widened my eyes at Reina's facial expression. My queen shouldn't have to feel sorry for me!

"Right. Sorry, This is Arika. It's her first day so I'm showing her around." She explained and turned back to me. "Arika, this is my best friend, Hazel."

I smiled at Hazel and shook her hand. I turned my attention back to Reina, hopefully without making blondie feel excluded. She was almost two inches shorter than me. I examined her face more.

She had a small, soft looking nose. She had slightly large eyes, the left of blue and the right one brown. Her eyebrows were carefully plucked and were perfectly shaped. Her lips were small and full. They went perfectly with ther rest of her face. Her wavy, neat hair was a chestnut color with hints of Auburn.

She is fit to be Queen. She could make a siren have insecurities. I smirked at my thought.

"I don't want to be intruding at all, but I couldn't help but notice-" I started.

"My eyes? Yeah it's ok. I have Heterochromia." She nodded and looked to the floor.

"Oh! No, M-erm... I just meant I have never seen that kind of...I mean... Um- I think you have pretty eyes," I looked around in fright. My stomach dropped to the ground. I had upset the Queen.

Reina raised her hand and I flinched. Luckily she didn't notice. She waved her hand in a dismissive manner and smiled. I loosened my muscles in relief.

"It's alright. It didn't offend me. I get it a lot. And thank you for the compliment." She looked around.

"What's wrong, M-I mean-Reina?" I looked around as well.

"Oh, nothing," she smirked. It looked very different from my brother's. His was filled with mischief and hate that he wore all the time. Her's was filled with amusement,"Looks like Hazel has some buisness to attend to."

I followed her gaze to see a guy with ginger hair leading Hazel by the waist. They were looking around frantically as they disappeared into the cround.

"Should we get this tour started? We have about twenty minutes!" Reina led me through the croud once again.


"And that's it! Do you have your schedule?" My Queen's voice filled my ears once again.

We had just finished the tour of the fairly large school. I nodded and dug around in my solid black backpack. I pulled out a sheet of paper with a list of classes. I already knew I had the same classes as her.

"Oh! We have the same schedule!" She giggled.

I lifted the corners of my lips, "How strange."

Just then, a loud buzzing echoed through the halls. I cringed from the noise. Luckily I took that pill that mother gave me this morning or I'd be curled up on the ground by now.

"C'mon! Your gonna love Mrs. Bradley." Reina pulled me into a classroom.

P.S. if you haven't realized this already, This chapter is in Arika's P.O.V. Who is the Vampire King's sister.

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