Chapter Eight (A King's Honour)

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What happens when you don't want to jump forward, or backwards once you enter a hex portal?

Even though I knew my future was in the present. I was too tired of the memories, the terrors and images greeting me. I found myself centered and staying in the moment. Clearing my mind of anything but the quiet.

Drifting like floating on water without getting wet. It was all the energies of the universe. Dust motes were beings of light. They danced in and out in patterns of light.

My mind awash with the infinite possibilities. As strands of time wove in and out. It was as if the spinal cord of the universe, was torn open. The strands lay in my hands like live wires. I knew not where to begin. I sat in the quiet and remembered that the key to finding your path and direction was to define, what you want and focus on that.

As I started to reconnect with what I knew it all started to make sense. The universe was showing me in multi-dimensions. What was going on inside me was also part of what I was experiencing. As I evolved so did time itself.

Light seemed to pick up speed around me as the flickers of particles started to sting wherever they landed. Like static shocks they kept gaining strength until each hurt and burned.

As the intensity increased I started to scream,
"What the hell?"

I felt the portal flex and shake a high-pitched squeal, as it catapulted me forward.

Every nerve firing all at once my body spasmed time after time. In a seemingly endless round of intense pain. Barely able to draw breath the oxygen mask kept forcing air.

I registered two things at once. Oxygen mask flew one direction and the predatory stance of someone standing over me. My reflex to reach out with my left hand, lightning fast. Pulling them by the shirt to within inches of my face.

"What the hell are you doing?"
Blinking rapidly to clear the fog in my head I focused on the stethoscope wearing person I was clutching.
Damn, I was back in my time.

"Stop the test!"
The doctor yelled. Yanking wires off my body. He stopped looking at me closely. He started to chuckle nervously because my death grip had not loosened. And I wasn't quite ready to let go yet.

He tried to introduce himself and my eyebrows raised. It sounded like he just said his name was Eggo Tart Frozen Hand!

"Did you just say your name is,
Eggo Tart Frozen Hand?"

A fairy like nurse popped her head into view.
"I'm nurse Lee. Can you leggo my eggo?"
We both cracked up as the doctor stared red-faced.

"This shouldn't be happening!" He said.
"Her entire nervous system just took a full shock. Unresponsive for days now fully awake."

"I don't remember signing up for shock treatment or doing anything to earn the electric chair!" I stated.

"We were testing your nerves to assess the damage. To see if they would respond to stimulus and how long they took to respond."

I could still feel the raw power of the machine, it's voltage pumped into an exhausted body desperate for energy to survive. So they hooked me up to a generator and didn't expect trouble. Me, a healer and lightworker. Reiki Master to jumper cables and didn't expect a boom!

"I'm still trying to figure out what went wrong or right, depending on your perspective. You grabbed me with your left hand but you are right-handed!"

"Right side wasn't listening to commands so it pushed while the side with strength pulled."

"What's the last thing you remember?"


"No, before that, like what day is it?"

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