And he was telling the truth.

Many years ago, a rumor spread that the Gong family had an extremely beautiful man. But not many people had the opportunity to look at him.

“Then, am I not sufficiently rich?” he asked.

This time, Feng de could help his eyebrows from twitching with surprise.

“Master is one of the richest in the world” he replied calmly.

If his master did not have money, then who in the world would dare to say that they have any.

Gong ouyang flipped a chair in anger.


“If I’m both rich and good looking, then why does she refuse to be my woman!” His fists were clenched with frustration.

“Is master referring to Miss Shi…?” Feng De asked tentatively. Thinking again, he looked at his silent master and said, “I don’t think Miss Shi is the kind who is looking for a chance to climb high, otherwise, she would already have used the baby to try and stay with master.”

Even now, she insisted that she was never pregnant with a child.

“I know” Gong Ouyang said coldly.

She had plenty of opportunities but she never made a play for a spot on his bed. But her every action enticed him and seduced him…. what did she really want?

“I’ll want to get tested so I can prove to you that I was never pregnant.” she said.

She wants her freedom at this point and he was loath to give it to her.

Gong ouyang suddenly calmed down as if he made a decision. He gently tapped his fingers on the table and looked out the window. People were milling around in the afternoon sun, going about their business not even knowing that their lives are often swayed by the decisions and whims of the rich and wealthy.

“Feng De, get my lawyer here.”

“Yes master.”

Feng De did not understand what his master was planning, but he received his orders and politely retired.

Gong Ouyang still stood at the window, his fingers slid through his short hair and pushed them back. A small smile played on his face.

Shi Xioanian… 

This woman…  he will have her!

Wanting to escape him, she can only ever dream about it.

Chapter 31: The woman he wants (Part 2)

- March 31, 2018

In the VIP ward, Xiaonian still lay on the bed. There was a dull pain radiating below her abdomen. She tried her best to ignore the pain as she slowly gathered her clothes and put them on. 

She calmed her emotional state and thought of the best possible action to take in the circumstances. 

She was dealing with someone she did not understand at all.

He wanted to kill her and thought she was a liar.

Yet, he was behaving abnormally possessive.


What was his interest her?

Did he have an interest in her?!

The thought scared her more than anything so far. She couldn’t imagine how her life would be if she caught the interest of a person like Gong Ouyang. Feng De said that he suffered from severe paranoia, but this was insane!

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