Chapter 31-33

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Chapter 31: The woman he wants (Part 1)

- March 30, 2018

When Xiaonian opened her eyes, she was alone on the bed and their clothes were scattered around as a showcase of what happened.

Anger surged in her heart suppressing her fears.

She wanted to hit and scream at someone. 

A small movement at the end of her bed pulled her attention. It was Gong Ouyang. 

Gong Ouyang stood at the end of the bed watching her. When she woke up, her beautiful eyes were slightly red, and her long hair was messy scattered on her shoulders and pillows. It was a mesmerizing scene.

Unconsciously he rubbed his chest with his thumb trying to soothe the jittery feeling. This was the first time a woman had made him feel this way.

She looked around her dazedly and when she heard him, she looked up and her eyes shone bright with anger. 

His stomach clenched in desire again.

She was obviously angry at him, but for some inexplicable reason, he did not find that displeasing. Infact, it looked like enticement coming from her.

This was not a good sign. With that realization, Gong Ouyang’s mood dropped again.

“Fuck!” He cursed and kicked the bed leg.

Xiaonian jerked back when she heard his expletives.

Gong Ouyang suddenly walked over to her and her eyes followed his every move, body tensed.

“Be my woman!” 

He didn’t ask. It was an order.

He stood there, over her, like he owned the world.


“Didn’t you hear me? Talk!” Seeing her silent Gong Ouyang pulled her up by her neck, forcing her to face him.

No matter how cowed she was by his overbearing display, after what just happened, Xiaonian couldn’t push down the feeling of outrageousness she felt.

“Let me find the evidence to prove that I haven’t lied to you” she told him calmly.

She just wanted away.

Away from this jerk and his abuse.

Gong Ouyang’s fingers around her neck twitched for a second. He pulled them off of her and sneered at her.

So she didn’t want to be his woman?

If she found the evidence, she plans to leave?

“Mr Gong I..”

“Shut up!”

Gong Ouyang’s face was very ugly. He did not want hear anymore from her. He swiftly left the room closing the door heavily behind him.

As soon as he came out of the room, a health professional came to remind him his medication.

“Feng De!” He called for his butler.

“Yes, master” feng De stood quietly before him awaiting his master’s orders.

Gong Ouyang stayed silents and walked back and forth in the room. After a while, he abruptly turned back to Feng De, “Feng De, do I look good?”

Feng de was stunned at his master’s question. When had he ever seen him worried about his looks?

“Master, you are the most handsome in the Gong family, and even in the entertainment circle, there are very few people who could compete with you” feng De replied.

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