“Miss Shi, the young master is on the rooftop, please come right away.”

Three times..

It’s no use doubting her own ears now. Behind her the tenants were complaining but Feng de’s voice showed no sign of stopping.

Xiaonian bit her lip and walked towards the direction of the elevator and headed directly to the rooftop.

Her heart felt very messy.

Why did Gong Ouyang find her this time?

He clearly promised her a week.

Walking out of the elevator, Xiaonian climbed another floor and pushed the door to the roof. When the door to the roof opened, she blinked.

The square roof was now flooded with intense light. There was a row of floor lamps around the floor lighting up the whole night like it was a day.

From afar, she could spot four helicopter parked in the center of such lights on few buildings around her.

It was exaggerated to the extreme.


Now she finally knew where the earlier buzzing noise came from

Chapter 26: Helicopter on the rooftop (Part 2)

- March 22, 2018

A row of bodyguards stood next to the helicopter, all standing straight, ready to take action, and Feng De was as usual dressed in a gentle manner, looking kindly at her, smiling, “Miss Shi.”

The night breeze on the roof top was very cool. And she saw that he was only wearing a jacket.

“What is this about Housekeeper De?” she asked.

The lights on rooftop were too bright and she couldn’t look at him without squinting.

“This is the case Miss Shi, the young master went to C city to attend a dinner tonight and came back here, I’m afraid that the sight is poor at night so we couldn’t find nay decent spot to land and hence had to do these arrangements.”


Making a runway? How can they spend money like this?

Xiaonian watched the lights and fell into deep silence. Only after a short while did she ask again, “Why would you land here?”

This is the point.

Hearing her question, Feng De laughed but did not answer. Instead, he turned to look at the helicopter.

Xiaonian followed his gaze and looked at the copter nearest to her. On it, Gong Ouyang was sitting idly and now leapt out of it with his long legs. His dark suit enhanced his sharp looks and arrogance. He stood tall before her and looked down at her with both his hands in his pockets.

“You can’t see me? Am I not eye catching enough or was my ride not big enough?”

Watching her ignore his presence displeased him.

Once she was on the rooftop, she talked to the old man Feng De. He was such a big man and right here on the roof and she couldn’t notice him?


Xiaonian  did not understand what he meant.

“You are blind!” Gong Ouyang gave a fierce glance.

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