Chapter 22-23

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  Chapter 22: In the forest for three days (part 1)

- March 16, 2018

"Master" Feng De respectfully called him from outside the door. Xie Linlin and the other two girls looked at him disdainfully.

Feng De could not help but mentally shake his head. This is the biggest difference between these kind of women and women like Miss Shi.

The women around young master are not stupid, on the contrary they all high high ambitions wanting to climb onto a higher branch through his master. And since they want to use his master to get what they want, inevitably their true nature shows through when they interact with servants like him, showing their disdain so blatantly.

Unlike Xiaonian, who is polite and acts educated with all people.

"Yes" Going Ouyang bit out an acknowledgement and took the cocktail from Xie Linlin's hand.

"Master," feng De started, "is it okay to do this to Miss Shi?"

"Feng De, it seems that you are exhausted with your life" Gong Ouyang glanced at him unpleasantly.

He actually began to question his master.

Feng De bowed his head low and said respectfully, "I was worrying about young master. isn't the young master looking for the child? If something happens to the lady.." the child's whereabouts will remain unknown.

"That's because I was too generous with her. When she tastes the edges of death, she will know to do the right thing."

"Just in case.."

"There is no Just in case! get out! Get out!" Gong Ouyang did not want to hear him speak again and irritably dumped the cocktail in his glass.

The exquisite glass hit the floor, broke and shattered in countless pieces. Xie Linlin looked at Gong Ouyang's bad mood and glared at the culprit with hatred and then reluctantly withdrew. Feng De also withdrew from the room.

In the lounge only Gong Ouyang remained.

He stared at the girl  on the screen, thinking back to his thoughts on Xiaonian who now walked steadily deeper into the forest, her slim frame looking like a ghost..

The sunlight shining from the cracks through the leaves sprinkled on her body  making her look paler, as if they are unable to reach her and failed to offer her any shred of warmth.

She really had some skill.

Feng De was a steward who was awarded many times for his service. He was exemplary in his duties and always loyal to his employer and never said a word against his employers wishes. And now, he pleaded for that conceited woman.

This woman! She actually dared to ridicule him asking if he had taken his medicine!

She really needed to be taught a lesson.

In the eyes of Gong Ouyang, a bright light flickered, his fingers moved on the remote and converted the channel on the screen to show him her current location in the forest.

In the frame, Xiaonian walked forward with an expressionless face, step by step. Her hair scattered on her shoulder and the leaves scattered gently by her shoulders as she walked. The green leaves floating around her, the lake by her side, she really looked like an elf.

Gong Ouyang hated himself for thinking she was beautiful for even a minute.

Xiaonian raised her eyes and looked forward, and her eyes sweeped across the hidden camera in the trees. It felt awkward for a moment, as it seemed that she was staring straight at him. But the pale face with the beautiful eyes now seemed empty, as if there was no soul inside, it seemed vacant...sad.

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