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I closed my eyes as 'Girls Like You' by Maroon 5 and Cardi B played over a stereo, echoing through the clearing, the center holding a circle of mushrooms, aka, a fairy circle. It looked pretty magical if I was totally honest. Percy had decided to film a video with me and Rachel, of the song. It started because 'Rap God' came on when he was driving me to school the morning after Rachel offered to help me with my YouTube channel, and I rapped the whole thing effortlessly, without thinking about it. It ended as we got to the College, and he'd just stared at me in astonishment, forgetting that I was already late to class. 

So he asked me to help him with a new cover video and song, and I gladly complied. I mentioned it to Piper, and Piper's jaw dropped. I'd just glared at her for a few minutes. Piper grinned after a minute, and I walked away, to get a notification from Percy asking to take me on a date. It had been fun. Movie, dinner, popcorn, soda, ice cream. Then we'd gone back to his house again, because Percy had forced Jason to go hang out with Piper -  especially after I mentioned the fact that Piper had a fan made poster of Jason and herself shirtless in her bedroom - and the two of us had baked cookies. That was one scene for the video. Percy had decided to use the security tape of us as we screwed around with the batter and cookies for the video. 

Rachel raised her hand towards me, and I stood up, moving towards her, staying behind the camera. I was wearing a big, red letterman jacket with an A on the left side, high waisted, ripped, black skinny jeans, black high tops - they were actually Percy's, so they were huge on me, but he said I looked cute, so I went with it - and a couple bracelets on my wrists. Under the Letterman was a lace white crop top, revealing my belly button piercing. My hair was down, in messy curls, and I was ready to dominate. I had memorized the rap part of the song, and was ready to go...

All I needed was my cue. 

Too bad the moment I stepped in front of the camera, Percy fell face first into a rock. I heard the thud, the cry of pain, and the groan, and spun around. "Percy!" I yelled, running over to him. I could hear Jason laughing behind me, clearly not seeing the pain on Percy's face as his best friend stood slowly, holding his nose. "Are you okay!?"

"I'm fine..." He whispered, shaking his head, pulling his hand from his nose, which was crooked, but free of blood. "See?" He tried to smile at me.

I slapped him. 

Then I hugged him, closing my eyes, arms around his neck, holding him close. Percy seemed surprised, hesitating to hug me back, before wrapping his arms firmly around my body. "I don't even know why you hit me..." He whispered.

"Because you're an idiot." I kissed his cheek, feeling an hand tap my back. I pulled away from him to look at Rachel.

"You alright, Percy? Ooh... That looks bad." I looked back at him, too see that his nose was bruising, and I winced. 

"Ouch... Alright, sit down." I pushed him onto the very rock he face planted on, as Rachel walked away. I sat on his lap, straddling his hips. He whispered to me, with a smirk, and I flicked him in the face. 


"Good. No dirty jokes, unless you want this to really, really hurt." I put my fingers gently along the sides of his nose. "I'm gonna count to five, okay?"

He nodded, and I sighed, mentally preparing myself to hurt him. I already felt cruel, but it was needed. "One, Two, Three!" I snapped his nose back into place with a jerk of my wrists, and he cried out in pain, leaning his forehead on my shoulder. "I'm sorry!"

"What happened to counting to five?"

"You should have known that I would skip it, Seaweed Brain. I really am sorry..." He put his arms around my waist, pulling me close. He was shirtless, which meant that my revealed stomach was pressed against his bare abdomen. He could probably feel my piercing pressing against his skin. 

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