Chapter 11

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*Everyone is coming out from the American airlines arena (in Miami) laughing and enjoying them selves. Jolesha, Miland, and Madison are all getting along with the other girls


Jolesha- You guys are so crazy *laughing*

Madison- i am so happy that we all agreed to be friends

Moe- i'm happy too.. You guys aren't crazy jealous bitches like I thought

Madison- You guys really thought of us like that?

Steph- Hell yea. I thought the same but Moe put it in a nice way

Joleshia- That was Nice? *laughs*

*The boys walk up to the girls

Roc- Aww look at the girls getting along *Wraps his arms around Steph and kisses her*

Prince- So happy to see you guys all getting along

Prodigy- Yo I am so hungry *everyone looks at him* what?

Khalil- Only you would be the one random person to bring up food

Prodigy- What can I say. *Shrugs* A boy can eat

Everyone- We know!

Aliyah- Were you even paying attention to the conversation?

Prodigy- yeahh *Says unbelievably*

Katina- Sure

Steph- So off to Georgia we go. Off to our last show... then back home we go *all the girls in infinity get sad*

Roc- Don't be sad.

Steph- We have to go home to Georgia while you guys go back to Cali

Prodigy- lets tell them before they start crying *smiling*

Moe- *looks at Prince* Tell us what??

Ray- Since Prod ruined the surprise...

Nychelle- Stop Dragging on tell us *says anxiously*

Ray- Calm down

The girls- TELL USS!!!

Ray- Ok.. all yall need to calm down.. screaming at a nigga like that *Putting his finger in his ear* Straight up loud

Moe- *Grabs Ray Ray's Shirt* If you do not tell us what the hell you have to say imma grab you by your two pig tails and throw you in front of a bus *Ray puts his hands up* Now Spill *Lets go of Ray*

Ray- Ok! ok! damn *Brushing off his shirt* Conjunction/ Interscope wants to sign you guys to the record label and fly you to Cali to one of the conjunction houses

Prince- Most likely the one next door to us

*All the girls in infinity look at each other in silence then scream and hug each other while jumping around. The boys and the back up dancers cover their ears

Jolesha- Omg calm down

Steph- omg! *Turn around and hugs Roc* I cant believe this *Kisses him*

Nychelle- *turns towards Ray* Now we get to be together.. And i get to go back to my old home town

Katiana- We are getting signed by conjunction ahhhh!!!

Prince- lets get on the bus we have to be in Georgia in a couple of hours

Moe- Plus we have to get home and pack!!!

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