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When we arrived at the sports hall I couldn't help but admire the spacious room! The ceiling was abnormally high!

Do they play Jenga with Giraffes in here or something? Haha cause if they do I wanna play!

Sadly we're not playing 'Giraffe Jenga' instead it's basketball!

The girls don't get to participate in the basketball game which many people may find unfair; I'm lazy either way so I really don't mind!

Jimin and Yoongi walked over to the changing rooms to wear their basketball jerseys; aaa~ I can't wait-

I'm sorry it's a guilty pleasure!
Cute boys showing off their biceps while working hard at a sport getting their hair sweaty having to gulp gallons of water, imagine that adam's apple!

I'm so excited I could just scream!

"Hey trouble~" I familiar voice yelled behind me making me turn around in delight.

"Hi Vanessa!" I yelled back; it feels like I haven't seen her in years!

I ran into her arms greeting her in the friendliest way possible; oh Damien is here also?

"Hello mimiii" I smirked at him; watching his face curl up in disgust.

"Leave me alone will you?" Damien spat back at me like venom.

Hey!! What was THAT?
I've never done anything wrong to him!

"HEY LISTEN HERE MISTER YOU HAVE SOME ATTITUDE!" I shouted at him while he walked away to the changing rooms without a care sending a small effortless wave.

"Hmph!!" I hugged crossing my arms and pouting my lips earning a sigh from Vanessa.

"He's been like this ever since that night..." Vanessa admitted with a heavy breath.

"WITH TAE-" I asked her before she held my mouth shut.

"SHH!!" She shut me up; I think I was shouting without realising again...I need to stop doing that!

She sighed once more.
"Damien he hasn't been himself lately, the reasoning is quite obvious."

I listened to her explanation.
It's true Damien and Tae have been friends ever since...ever!

They have a brother-like bond before that night it was impossible to see them apart.

They need each other!
They're a team and I know deep inside Damien wants to make up with Tae.

"I want Damien to apologise to Taehyung it's the only way..." Vanessa stated nodding her head.

It's simple really!
Why hasn't Damien apologised?

"So why doesn't he?" I asked in confusion letting out a laugh on how easily this dilemma could be solved.

Vanessa explained,
"Ugh you see Serena, Damien isn't a normal boy he's very irritating..annoying and really...uh what's the word?"

"Stupid?" I said making Vanessa smile and widen her eyes.

"Yeah! That's exactly the word! STUPID!"
She laughed in realisation.

"Well that's why I'll never understand the male species; no matter how cute, sweet, attractive they are!
There are all so lacking in COMMONSENSE." I laughed while we both agreed on my statement.

"You have great opinions have I ever told you?" Vanessa laughed pulling me along walking by her side.

"They're not opinions, they're facts!"
I smiled proudly while she smiled and shook her head.

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