Chapter 8 ~ I don't need help

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I have a stiff neck and it hurts. A lot. I feel like I'm dying. Send help.


"What are you guys doing here?!" I ask

Annabeth gets up and brushes the dirt off herself

"We were looking for your dumb butt" she answered

I don't think she noticed but she had a twig sticking out of her hair. Me being the awesome boyfriend I am reached out to pull it out. Mistake. She grabbed my arm and judo flipped me. I groaned and put my hand up in the air for someone to help me up. When none helped me up I got up by myself. I turned to Annabeth.

"I was just trying to get that twig out of your hair," I told her

"I can get it by myself" she answered 



We just stood there not facing each other when Hazel asked me about the blue cookies. That seemed to get everyone to look at me

"THEE BLUE COOKIES?" I turned around to see Thor screaming.

"Yes, Thor dearest. Thee blue cookies" I answered

The redhead just walked towards me and said:

"okay this is enough"

She pulled handcuffs out of her pockets and cuffed me. I was about to protest when Leo walked up to her.

"Hey, what's happening here?" 

"I'm getting arrested" I answer "For saving the world" 

"Again" I add before Leo starts throwing flaming balls of fire to the Avengers


I hope you are having a better rest of your day because I'm not. I can barely even move my neck to the left. I'm getting a new pillow.

Goodbye friends!

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