Chapter 11

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Mia's POV

The past two weeks have been great. Josh and I have gotten a lot closer. I think I love him. He's so sweet and cute. I think I'm gonna tell him I love him tonight at the party. Oh crap, the party! I have to take Luke and Ash out somewhere so Mikey and Cal can set up. Better get outta bed then. The party starts at like 8 and it's like noon. I doubt any of the boys are awake yet, they really like to sleep in. I have to wake them up, this should be fun. Note the sarcasm.

I decided to wake up Cal first, he'll probably be the easiest to wake. I was wrong.

"Come on Cal, wake up!" I said for like the tenth time. "NO!!! I don't want to wake up!" Cal whined.

"That's it." I said and walked out of the room. I was gonna go for a bucket of water when I remembered we had water guns in the back yard. I went out to the backyard and got the biggest water gun I could find, filled it, and walked back up the stairs.

"Calum, wake up now or else." I said getting ready to shoot. "I'm not getting up, I"m not afraid of you." Calum said

"You really shouldn't have said that." I said. I started spraying him and I started laughing at his reaction."

"MIA!!!! STOP! IT'S FREEZING! I'M GETTING UP, STOP!" Calum said loud enough to wake everyone else up. I might not need to spray anyone else now, that makes my job a lot easier.

"Sorry not sorry, now get ready. You and Michael have a party to set up." I said and left the room. Now it's time to wake Michael. I opened his door and he was already up and getting ready.

"Don't shoot, I'm up!" Michael said putting his hands in the air. I just closed the door and moved on to the next bedroom.


After waking up all the boys, I decided to take a shower. I got dressed in black high waisted shorts and a white crop top that said 'LOVE' in black letters and high heeled black ankle boots, so we better not be doing a lot of walking. As for my hair, I left it down and curled it, it was pretty nice out today, perfect day for a party. I am so glad this party isn't for me, I hate suprises. I'm glad I got to help plan it though, it was fun. Because the party isn't for me, the guys took me out to dinner on my birthday. Michael was right about the party being a total suprise though. Luke and Ash don't suspect a thing.

Luke's POV

The past two weeks have been dreadful. It suck to see the girl you like with another guy. I know I am usually the nice and polite one, but I want to kill that Josh guy. Something seems very strange about him, everytime Mia cuddles up to him or kisses him he looks... guilty or something, but it's none of my business.

So today Ash and I are going out with Mia. I don't know why the other boys aren't coming but I think they are just too lazy to come with. They're probably just gonna stay here and sleep or play FIFA.

"Where shall we go first?" Mia asked as she pulled out of the driveway. "We should see a movie." Ash suggests. "Good idea! I haven't been to the movie theater in ages." Mia said smiling her perfect smile.

Calum's POV

Michael and I are almost done setting up the party and people are already starting to show up. We just moved in a few weeks ago but you sure can meet a lot of people in that time. The house is gonna be packed. We had trouble getting alcohol because of the drinking age in America, but we got it in the end. Now it's time to text Mia to bring the boys back. It's already 8:30.

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