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I gasped and was back to reality where I was hugging  daryl

I stopped hugging him and swallowed down hard.

I was looking around, I don't get what's going on am confused

"Leviathan" I whispered

"You know him,you know leviathan" daryl said while holding my hand

"I just saw him takin-ta takin-ta half bodies of teenagers" I stammered and was breathing heavily.

Daryl gasped and got up immediately like he was stung by a bee.

"You have to come with me" he said and helped me up.

He dragged me out of the house and we were running till we got to another house.

Daryl pushed the bell and a tall young handsome blonde came to open the door.

"Hey man, I see you got com-pa-ny" the blonde emphasized.

"Shut up travis" daryl said and pushed past me dragging me in the house with him.

Travis's pov

Daryl pushed past me with a girl, not just any girl, a hot one infact beside

The most charming thing I like about her is her hair, red.

Daryl sat on the couch with the red haired girl and I sat opposite them.

I got up to get a bottle of water in the fridge and I came back to join them

"So wat up man?" I flipped my bottle.

"Her name is holland,She knows leviathan" daryl said

And water drooled down from my mouth

"W-w-d-how?????" I stammered

"Well I don't actually know him know him" she arched a brow.

"You see she's an harbinger, she sees the future" daryl said and I smiled cheepisly

"Hahaha,  you are kidding man, stop it" I chuckled and drank my water

"Am not infact she's my mate" daryl said

And I choked on my water

"Mate????" Me and the red haired asked

"I can only be a Luna to a wolf" she arched a brow, she's confused and so am I

I mean his luna, how?

"Yes I know" daryl replied

Daryls pov

"Yes I know" I replied

"So if am your luna, that means  Omg.......are you a wolf???" She pointed and squeezed her face

"Yes I am" I sighed

"Hahaha no way no no" she chuckled

"Yes remember that night at camp that I told you to run" I asked

And she was staring down trying to recollect

"Um yeah I do" she replied curiously

"I fought with leviathan, he gave me this mark on my stomach" I lifted my shirt for her to see.


This is strange but am loving it

"So as a Luna what do I do?" I raised my shoulder

"Oh your aren't a full luna yet" daryl bit his lips

"Excuse me?' I arched the two brows

"You see to be a full luna, you have to get a bite from me so as to show that you are mine only if any other Wolf wants to touch you, secondly we ma-ma-ma" he stammered

I tried to get daryl to look me in the eye but than I saw travis already sitting beside him.

Travis hit daryl with the back of his hand "say it man" travis whispered

And daryl took one good look at me, "we mate" he blurted

And I busted into laughter

And they both were looking confused

"Enough horsing around guys say it" I chuckled

"No seriously, we mate" daryl shook his head

"Mate as in like mate mate" I raised my shoulders

"Yeah bby" travis replied

I didn't think of being a Luna this way, or maybe I shouldn't be his luna, but I can't change destiny and I really like daryl. Am confused

Should I do it???

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