Chapter 2

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"Sure let's talk" Said Camilla


"What are some of hobbies Camilla" said Lauren

"I really enjoy swimming and also just stuff like drawing" replies Camilla

Then an idea popped into her Lauren's head let's go to the ice cream place

"That's great Camilla how bout we continue talking but we go get some ice-cream" said Lauren softly

"YES PLEASE" screamed Camilla

As they were walking there she noticed Camilla shift around for a bit but she had no idea what. When they got to the store Camilla sprinted to the bathroom. As she walked out she looked a lot better then earlier

"Feel better" Lauren asked

"Much better now let's get ice cream" Camilla said smiling

As they were eating there ice cream Lauren decided to tell Camilla about their house.

"So I live with my 3 best friends Dinah, Ally and Normani and we live in pretty big house so you will have you own room if you want or you can share with me for now" Said Lauren smiling at Camilla demolishing her ice cream

"Wait you want me" Camilla asked as she stopped eating her ice cream

"Yes Camilla of course I want you" Lauren said

Then suddenly Camilla grabbed Lauren and pulled her into a hug

"Thank you so much Lauren" said Camilla in Lauren's stomach

"It's fine now let's go to the orphanage and get you stuff" said Lauren

When they got back to the Orphanage Lauren was surprised to see how much stuff she has. She only had a couple of colouring books and pencils and some clothes. That's it but Lauren wasn't worried she will get her some stuff but for now it will do.

"Hey umm Lauren can I tell you something real quick" Said Camilla softly

"Sure baby it's fine you don't have to be scared of me" Said Lauren

Camilla was shocked that Lauren called her baby but she continued.

"I ummm sometimes wet the bed" Said Camilla so softly Lauren just about heard here

"That's fine sometimes Ally wets the bed but we don't judge her and we won't judge You if you wet the bed but I have a suggestion how about you wear something called diapers. Ally wears them to bed and we could get you some" Said Lauren

"Aren't diapers for babies" Camilla said blushing

"No everyone has accidents sometimes so they made them for all ages" replied Lauren

When they pulled up to the house Lauren could tell something was wrong will Camilla who was dead silent"

"Are you okay Camila" asked Lauren

"I'm just worried you friends won't like me and will take me back to the orphanage" said Camilla as she was close to tears

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