Stage Six

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"You are my daughters mother

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"You are my daughters mean that much to me."

"She can not be around my daughter." April pokes my chest flaring her nose. "

"You don't have a say in who i have around my daughter."

"OUR DAUGHTER! I am the only female hope should be seeing you with other than your mother."

Chuckling I just shook my head it's wrong for me to claim her as mine without including her mother huh. She so territorial for someone that ruined her own relationship. April here feels because she birthed my child she is suppose to be with me. I think not us co parenting is what works better. When we're in a relationship she still had this jealousy thing about her and that caused trust issues in us both. She would think I'm messing around with any female with legs and a working heart while felt she was accusing me so much because she herself was being unfaithful.

"April I rather not discuss my personal business with you. Our relationship now is only based around hope and you know this. Even though Tammy and I are not physically involved at all that is not your concern."

She laughed. "If my daughter is to be in her presents constantly it is most definitely my concern. Chase don't act different now....we were doing good getting back to old way the good days."

"I am her primary parent so again you don't that kind of say. And this whatever you are trying to do will not be happening ever again...I told you this. You lost my trust I just can't be with you in that way again."

"I've changed baby and apologized like a million times your mom even forgave my dad. She still wants us together Hope wants us together...don't you?"


Rolling her eyes she rushed pass me bumping my arm. I quickly check on the girls in hope's room. They were singing to the song playing on the tv. Back down with the adults my mother and April were still here...unfortunately. They just stood to the side whispering to each other. I spent all that time alone with my mom basically begging me to get back with penny. She's so concerned about her damn partners she's willing to pimp out her own blood.

"Do you all need anything else?"

"Give penny another chance I talked with her father and we can work something out for you two so that you both will be happy so will our families." My mother comes up. "You'll have to get rid of the colorful one here."

"I have a name ma'am." Tammy says taking our pizzas out the oven.

"She obviously does not care just leave it be Tom." April rolls eyes standing next to my mother.

"And obviously I wasn't talking to you Apple. All that money can't buy any home training huh?"

The fact Tammy is not afraid of standing up to these two while still keeping a calm and collected demeanor is very attractive to me. She's head strong and about her respect she doesn't let dollar signs impress her.

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