Bad Daughter

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It's was Sunday around 9pm (July 19 2014)when I returned to Yonkers after a nice weekend of partying in City Island. I had summer school early the next morning, but that didn't stop me from staying out much later than I was supposed to. I don't really have much of a curfew, it depends where I'm going, or where I say I'm going, not that I'd actually oblige to one, anyway.

After hanging out with a multitude of my peers, it was time for me to venture off into my own affairs and make time for someone who I had somewhat forgotten about.

It was almost 10pm when he picked me up, my parents had just begun texting me to come home but I knew damn well they wouldn't being seeing me for a while. I just got here, I'm not leaving just yet.He was more attractive than I remembered. He was exactly my type: tall, muscular, Dominican [spanish boys😍] I didn't have much time with him alone, since we were with two cousins(who I know from school), his brother, and his one friend(who I also knew). I also brought along my friend, (who was being the biggest bitch that night for no reason) who eventually took a liking to him

The best part though, was the motorcycle ride. He took me for a ride on his motorcycle, and it was my first time on one.

I ride jet skis and horses so it wasn't scary or anything, but a different kind of fun I have just experienced. I had to hold on to him tight, and wow, it was fun.

I filled the role of bad daughter entirely, but as I look back on this now, a bad daughter can get a lot worse.

**I wrote this a while back, I've hungout with this guy a few times since and, well, maybe this is for another chapter but things took a.. Big turn.

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