38| Extra Small.

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38| Extra Small.

3 weeks flew by, it consisting of small travels and retracing the couples steps from the previous 7 months.

Luke now knew everything Annie did, he saw where they went ice skating and he saw where she worked, he even saw the beach house which they stayed at for a few days.

He had been avoiding his parents this whole time, he only wanted to go back when he didn't need the glasses anymore, which was today.

Katie was just about to take his glasses off and he hadn't realised how nervous he actually was, being back in this place which changed his life for the better, all because of his girl.

He was excited to see her properly for the first time, for her natural colours because at the moment everything was darker than it needed to be.

Luke even tried to sneak a peak at her of a night, but she'd always make sure he kept the mask on.

Even though he was eternally grateful for the second chance he'd been given, he couldn't wait to take these stupid glasses off.

And now that Katie had, all Luke could see was a rainbow of colours everywhere and in everything, especially Annie.

Her lips were a warm red, her skin a glowing orange from the sun, her dress yellow, her earrings a cute lime green, her nails a delicate blue and so on and on. Luke could list everything perfect with his girl but then he would be talking forever.

"How is everything?" Annie asked as they stepped out of the clinic, watching his face scan the space around them.

"Colourful," he smiled, looking down at her and stroking her cheek, finally getting used to how amazing she looked.


Luke decided it was time to go home, to his actual home where he could see his parents and curse them out for being so hateful and useless towards him.

He was debating whether or not to knock or just walk in, but this was still his home so he decided walking in would be a lot more of a surprise to his selfish parents.

Flinging the door open he peered into his living room, seeing that no body was around.

After a search throughout his house he saw his family, all of his family, sat outside. His mum, dad, brothers and their wives/fiancés all sat outside looking miserable.

Good, Luke thought,  they should be upset.

Opening his back door, Luke stood still as all eyes landed on him, waiting for something or someone to say something.

"Fuck you." Luke hissed, squinting his eyes at his parents as everyone in the gardens eyes widened as they gasped in shock at his rude comment.

"Lucas Robert-"

"How dare-" Luke's father started, to which Luke was not going to listen to a word that horrid man would say.

"Fuck you for being such shitty parents, you wouldn't even want to talk to me or sit with me, I felt like a fucking idiot. Like you had to help me but you didn't want to," Luke growled out, pointing his finger as his father then mother, whose eyes were swelling with tears.

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