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Third person


Bakugou wakes up to find that everyone was on his bed. E v e r y o n e.

( the mattress were all lined up next to each other )

" YOU STINKY PEOPLE GET OFF MY BED BEFORE I KILL YOU " the hot headed boy yells before standing up and looking at the sleepy bodies of his classmates.

Half of monks's body was of the bed, denki's head was inside a pillow case, kirishima had made his way under the mattress, mina was just sleeping at the end of the bed and Todoroki was 1.793cm away from where Bakugou was just a second ago.

" I SAID GET OFF " and with that Bakugou yelled and started to produce explosions. " oh gross it's morning " denki says before stretching and taking off the pillow case. " GET THE FUCK OFF YOU BUMBLE FUCKING BEE" he shrieks before kicking him off the bed.

" waaaaaaa~ stop  being so loud" mina said in a joking tone but also meant it.
" fine fine" she says before lazily walking over to her bed but collapsing. Mina was too lazy to get up therefore she slept on the floor.  Kirishima had rolled of the bed not wanting to get yelled at this early.

" I'm Momo not naked girl, I'm not even naked" momo says before getting up and walking over to the doorframe and stretching.

" AS FOR YOU HALF HALF YOU SHOULD... fuck you're cute... DIE" Bakugou gets lost in what he says and goes back to sleep.

Momo snickers a bit and wakes up mina. " ugh Momo I'm not a morning person " mina says before standing.

" I know but look " momo says pointing towards Todoroki and Bakugou.

" oh my GOD THATSSOCUTELIKEOMGITHINKIMGOINGTODIE" mina fangirled before whipping out her phone and taking a few shots from different angles.


Once everyone woke up Bakugou was cooking. He was planning on making something like granola since they had nuts and berries. ( let's just pretend Momo can't make food for now ). Mina found some honey earlier. It was a simple recipe but once made everyone ate it as if it was the best thing in the world. It was literally 3 ingredients mixed together but who cares.

" thanks  bakubro " denki says while laying on the sand. (Eating outside)
" thank you " momo says while smiling and mina simply says "same".

Kirishima finished his mouthful and said "thanks" and Todoroki said " thank you very much for cooking Bakugou ".

Him saying his name made Bakugou smile but he didn't. He mentally smiled. " shut up ice cream machine"
He scoffs our. " it was 3 dumbass ingredients mixed together"

Soon froppy comes along and says that everyone will be hanging out at the north of the island before leaving.

They decide to go.


Another short chapter because yeah
Next chapters going to be a beach chapter I guess.

But I have a few ideas and I haven't forgotten about the love triangle thing, I've got a decent idea for that eeeeeeee.

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