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Harry watched with tear-filled eyes as Gemma made a few steps down the hospital hall. Nurses were holding on to either arm but Gemma was helping herself get her strength back. 

Anne and Robin were holding each other as they watched their daughter with pride and happiness.

Taylor had his hand over his face as he watched his wife and the mother of his child.

Harry walked over and stood beside him and put his hand on Taylors' shoulder, "You okay?"

Taylor looked over at him and smiled, "Doing a lot better now. I can't wait to have her home." 

"Is there anything you need? Whether for yourselves or the baby?"

Taylor shook his head, "Don't worry about us, Harry. Gemma just wants to get home."

They both looked at her as she smiled at her parents.

"She's going to be better than okay." Harry spoke.

"Yeah," Taylor agreed, "She really is." 

LiamPayne: get home before i kill niall.

StylishStyles: what did he do? lol.

LiamPayne: he went to work and i got off hoping to come home and relax. you know what i came home to?

StylishStyles: it's hard to tell with him.

LiamPayne: the house is a fucking mess, Harry! his dirty clothes are everywhere. dirty ass boxers. there are cups everywhere. why does one person need multiple cups? Harry, i swear to fuck, this house smells like sex!

StylishStyles: ugh. are you sure niall is at work? have you checked his bedroom?

LiamPayne: i'm afraid to. i mean his car isn't here so if he's home where else is his car?

StylishStyles: sometimes he lets his mom or dad borrow it if they need to. go check his room. i'm on my way home and we can kill him together lol.

Harry walked up to the front door and about fell on his ass when the door flew open. A woman ran out with everything on but a shirt which she had pressed to her chest to cover herself. She ran down the street topless without looking back.

Harry watched until she disappeared before slowly walking into his house. He closed the door and looked around at the mess. He sighed but his eyes instantly went to the kitchen where Liam was scolding Niall.

Nialls' hair was a mess and he looked as if he just woke up. Harry could make out the outline on his cheek as if he had his arm pressed against his cheek as he slept.

Liam didn't sound mad at all but Niall definitely looked bored.

"I see you didn't kill him." Harry joked.

Liam looked over and sighed, "I can't, Harry. He's too-"

Liam waved his hands at the sleepy, shirtless boy, "He's too Niall."

To anyone else that wouldn't make sense but it made perfect sense to Harry. Niall was innocent in some ways. He had a good head on his shoulders, a heart of gold and would never intentionally go out of his way to piss someone off. This was the first mess he has made since they moved in so there was really no reason for Liam to be mad.

Harry figured he was more mad about the smell of sex in the house. Niall didn't have the common courtesy to spray something to cover it.

"Look," Niall spoke, "You have Zayn and Harry has Louis. I just wanted someone."

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