Chapter 3

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Zinnia Point of View

'Hello Mr. Monk,

Zinnia here again.

I've been waiting for you reply from 25 hours 48 minutes and 2 seconds patiently. My friend did say that you would take a week's time to reply but here I am with another harmless habit of mine.

I'm not patient. I don't know why but I expect things to happen soon or else I get anxious. And that is how I'm feeling now. While waiting for your reply, I checked my phone for over 400 times over past 25 hours and I was anxious if the message reached you safely or not.

So, If you or your assistant whoever is looking over the social media accounts got my message, Please reply me quickly.

Thank you so much for listening to me.

Fickle and Anxious Zinnia.'

'Hello Respected Mr. Monk,

It's been four days and still didn't get any reply from you yet. I know I'm pestering you with my silly problems when you have bunches of people you need to fix. But, like I said I am not a patient person and my hands are itching to start some new interesting works to do but I'm controlling myself from signing any new contract so I can first know your views about my habits.

I just need a simple one sentence reply if I am eligible for this counseling or not. I know I'm disturbing you a lot and I'm so sorry. It's not like I am desperate about counseling with you but I just don't like when someone puts me on hold.

Hoping to receive a quick 'yes' or 'no' from you and trust me I wouldn't feel bad at all if I'm not eligible.

Thank you for your reading time.

Anxious and helpless Zinnia.'

It's been a day that I sent my last message to the monk and I didn't get any reply yet. I wonder if he is okay or not. I wish he gets well soon if he is not alright.

So in these five days I watched many videos of speeches given by different monks around the world and also many counseling stages by the monks and to say they are very patient and give a very good piece of advice is an understatement.

There is this one time when a girl told her story of how one of her colleagues at her office always being rude to her for no good reason and keeps humiliating her.

I felt bad for her and expected the monk to either brush away it as some silly problem or ask her to beat her to pulp when no one was around but the monk's reply really got to me.

'There is no reason for you to feel sad about that, child. She was being jealous of you and you just need to pity her for choosing such way to express her jealousy. From next time, whenever she express her jealousy to you violently just tell her that you pity her and she will let you be after few times of hearing that from you.'

Isn't that a good advice? So I started using it on my best friend and cousin from then on. Whenever they mock me about my habits, I tell I pity them because they are jealous of my abilities to multi task.

And from then on I kind of grew fond of monks. They are amazing and so patient unlike me. They are very good listeners and they listen to everyone's issues with so much tolerance that I think I cannot be that tolerant even if I save this world from calamities.

Oh, I'm just too lazy to save the whole world.

"Albina!" I called out exasperated at my cousin when I saw her walking into the house.

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