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•||Ch8: A kiss||•

||Sania POV||

I looked at Mirha who was looking at both of us with bewildered look. Suddenly, he started laughing and I looked at Zain who was also looking at me. We both looked back at Mirha who was still laughing.

"OK. Guys, this is the best joke and story you told me," Mirha said wiping her tears. Zain explained her everything but that was the first reaction from her which we got. "This story is not a joke," Zain said in serious tone looking at her sister.

She looked at him for second and asked, "Please tell me guys you both didn't do that thing which the villagers assumed. Right?" Zain looked at her in disbelief and asked, "Are you doubting your brother?" "Sorry but I didn't mean it. It is just I am shocked that my brother got married with anyone knowing in the family."

"I just need time to digest all this. Wait a second, bro. What about mom and dad?" She asked in panicked. "I will tell them as soon as possible," Zain mumbled rubbing his head. "Go take a shower, bro. You are looking very tired," Mirha said.

Zain nodded his head and went to his room. Mirha turned to me and smirked. "So that makes you my bhabhi. Now honestly tell me bhabhi. When you first time saw my brother what happened that time? What you felt that time?" She asked mischievously.

This girl. I took the cushion and hit her with it. "Bhabhi!" She yelped and started chasing me. I ran away from her before she caught me. I laughed as she tried to catch me. "You can't catch me, Mirha," I said and giggled at her when she stopped for catching her breath.

She glared at me and again ran behind me and picked her pace. I jumped on my place and ran here and there in the living hall. I was looking back at Mirha when I hit by a wall but before I fell on the floor, the wall caught me.

Wait a second, since when did the wall has hands? I looked at the wall and my lips got connect with an other pair of lips. I looked at the same beautiful eyes which belonged to Zain. We both looked at each other with wide eyes and our lips were still connected with each other. Non of us were blinking or looking away.

"Oh my Allah! My innocent virgin eyes!" I quickly pushed him away and turned around to look at Mirha who had covered her eyes with her hands. My cheeks turned full red into beetroot red colour. I was feeling so embarrassed in front of both.

"Ya Allah! Please forgive me. I swear I will forget about them kissing each other but please turn my sinful eyes back into innocent virgin eyes," Mirha said dramatically looking up at the ceiling.

I quickly turned around and rushed into my eyes room. I heard her laughing at me and teasing Zain. I quickly locked the door of my room and leaned against it. I thought about what had I done and a smile tugged on my lips. My lips turned up into a shy smile.

I walked to the mirror and looked at my reflection which was glowing and blushing. A shy laugh escaped from my mouth and my eyes was shinning. My lips turned down when I remembered I was not in a condition of laughing and shying because probably that little, shocked, and accidental short kiss meant nothing to him.

Someone knocked on the door which followed by giggles. "Bhabhi," Mirha sang from other side of the door, "Come on, bhabhi. Don't be shy like this. Open the please." I unlocked the door and opened it slowly.  I let her came inside and closed the door behind her.

She stood in the center of the room and turned to me. I saw the mischievous and naughtiness in her eyes. "Bhabhi, when bhai kis--," I picked the pillow from bed and hit her before she completed her sentence. She yelped and picked that pillow to hit me back but I quickly the other pillow and we both started our pillow fight.

During this pillow fight the cotton came out of the pillows and the whole room filled with cottons. I and Mirha both fell on the bed and laughed loudly. The cottons were flying in the room and the bed was also filled with cottons.

The door of my room opened and Zain entered. He looked at the room then back at us in amuse. We were still laying on the bed but after seeing him I quickly stood and looked away. The heat rushed up to my face which made me red. I chewed my bottom lip and looked everywhere but him.

Mirha also stood up and gave him a sheepish smile. "What have you done?" I heard the amuse in his voice. "Pillow fight, bro," Mirha said innocently like a three year old baby. "Guys..," Zain trailed off nervously which made me look at him.

He looked at me for a second then back at Mirha. "What happened, bro?" Mirha asked. "Mom called me for the dinner with them," Zain said looking between us, "And I told them about Sania." I and Mirha looked at him in shocked. "WHAT??" I and Mirha yelled together.



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