"Oh, I really love it. What do you think Yoongi?" she asked, now turning her head to look at Yoongi. However, her smile was now gone as she looked over to see Yoongi staring down at the paper with a blank stare.

"If you like it, then let's go for it" he replied nonchalantly, earning an eye roll from Rose. Growing tired of his attitude, Rose moved her hand down to grip tightly at his wrist.

"Excuse us for a second." Rose flashed the wedding planners a sweet smile before standing up, her arm dragging Yoongi up as well. Before he could protest, she had flashed him a threating glare before softly tugging at his arm.

"Come with me" she demanded in a hushed whisper, not giving Yoongi a chance to argue against her as she had already pulled him out of the chair and into the long hallway. Once they were out of sight from everyone else, Rose glanced around the area before turning back around to look at him with piercing eyes. 

"Will you stop acting so grumpy and at least try to participate?" Rose begged, her body posture now slightly slumping. Yoongi could only give a slight eye roll, looking down at Rose as her behaviour was like a child crying for candy. Remembering what Hoseok and Namjoon suggested earlier, Yoongi did a mental prayer to himself, hoping that it'll work.

"I'm sorry dear, I've just been having a rough day" Yoongi paused, his gaze now softening as he gently reached out to hold at her hand. He tried his hardest not to cringe at his words or actions towards her. The sudden change in demeanour surprised Rose as Yoongi noticed her eyes slightly widening.

"A-alright. I'm heading back into the room to see the wedding planners" she stuttered, quickly releasing his hand before speed walking back into the room. Yoongi scoffed to himself, wondering how he was going to manage to convince her that he really did like her.

"Let's go back into this hellhole" Yoongi muttered to himself as he was walking down the long hallway and back into the room. Once he had entered inside of the room, multiple heads turned towards the entrance, watching him walking back to the table. 

"I'm sorry everyone, I just needed to use the restroom" he apologized, flashing everyone a sweet smile. Taking a seat down on the chair, he lifted his head up to look at the wedding planners, now ready to use his sweet charm.

"Now, where were we?" The wedding planners continued to go through every picture and every detail, all ranging from what meals should be served, to what coloured lights should be hung. As much as it bored Yoongi, he had kept on his smile for as long as he could, nodding his head at each idea that was being thrown out.

"Oh, I definitely agree. What about you Rose?" Yoongi asked, now turning his head to look at her reaction. However, Rose didn't answer his question as she continued to stare at Yoongi with furrowed brows, as if trying to read him.

"Rose?" Yoongi called out once more, now awkwardly clearing his throat. Hearing her name, Rose slightly flinched to herself before looking around to see everyone staring at her for her opinion.

"I'm sorry, I didn't catch that" she shyly admitted. Yoongi lets out a soft chuckle before placing a hand overtop hers.

"She's so silly, isn't she? We were talking about your wedding dress dear" Yoongi reminded her once more, his head tilting towards the array of designs spread out on the table. Rose's cheeks began to turn slightly red in embarrassment as she turned around to finally focus on the wedding planners. Once they had finished discussing the details that went into the planning, the wedding planners stood up before shaking the both of their hands.

"It was a pleasure working with you both. We'll contact you very soon!" Yoongi gave them a warm smile in return before nodding his head.

"Of course. We'll see you soon" he replied before wrapping an arm around Rose's waist, surprising her in the process. Rose turned her head to stare at him before turning back around to bid the wedding planners goodbye. Once they had left the room, Rose quickly moved out of Yoongi's grip before turning to look at him with confusion.

"What's going on?" she questioned, her eyes slightly narrowing at him. Despite this being what she wanted, she suspected something to be going on from the sudden change in his attitude. Yoongi simply shrugged his shoulders, his head slightly tilting to the side as he continued to stare at her.

"What do you mean?" His tone was soft and innocent, completely throwing Rose off as she continued to watch him with suspicion.

"See that!" she accused, pointing a finger straight at him. His brows slightly furrowed as he continued to watch her make a loud commotion between the two.

"You used to hate me before and now you're acting like you're ok with it!" Yoongi lets out a small sigh before giving her a gentle smile.

"We're getting married after all. Come on, let's get you home. You're acting pretty cranky right now." Grabbing his car keys out of his pocket, he then walked over to the door before pushing it open. Rose still stood frozen in place, watching him in shock as he held the door open.

"Well?" He stood there, patiently tapping his foot against the cold tile floor as he continued to hold the door open, hinting for her to leave with him. With a roll of her eyes, she hastily made her way out of the room before walking down the hall, leaving Yoongi to stand there alone. With a groan, he closed the door behind him before making his way down to where Rose was.

"Show that attitude one more time I swear."



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