Henry Cavill (Part Four)

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Henry sat up from his bed staring down at your naked figure cuddled up against him. You had your head resting against his chest with your leg thrown over his own legs. You slept peacefully against him, often shifting closer towards him for warmth. His hand caressed your soft cheek before he carefully moved from underneath you.

Running a hand through his hair, he let out a few profanities before standing up from his bed. He hated himself for what he was making you do, making you feel and yet he couldn't stop it. There was something about you that was so pleasing and refreshing that it made him hungry for more.

Looking back at your figure once more, he covered your body with the duvet before moving away from the bed to go to the bathroom.

You slowly stirred awake from your enjoyable sleep. Turning over in the warm bed, you realized that Henry was no longer beside you. Sitting up from the bed you held up the duvet to cover your naked chest after hearing the sound of the bathroom door unlocking.

Henry exited the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. You had to stop yourself from drooling at the sight of him as he ran a hand through his wet hair. His blue eyes shifted towards you with a small smile on his face.

"Good morning beautiful" you blushed at the sight of him dropping his towel to the floor, quickly averting your gaze.

"Morning Henry" you replied shyly.

He let out a low chuckle before he spoke once again. Finding your shyness amusing.

"I'm decent now Y/N" he chuckled.

Shyly peering at him, you noticed he was now wearing boxers and he was making his way towards you. Stopping beside you, he took a seat before pulling you gently towards him. You sat on his lap with the duvet still covering your naked body, but he had managed to pry the blanket from your hands leaving you uncovered on top of him.

You buried your head into his neck shyly hiding yourself from him to his amusement.

"I've seen it all before Y/N, and I love every part of you" he said as he peppered kisses along your neck.

"Henry" you moaned softly, arching your back slightly when you felt his hands gently caress down your sides.

You could feel his bulge press against your bare area, begging to be released and to enter into the tight confines between your legs. You wrapped your arms around his neck pulling him closer towards you, while his hands gripped onto your thighs holding you in place. Pulling away from your neck, he eyed his work with a satisfied look on his face.

Your body was already littered with his marks, but you knew they just weren't enough for him. His lips traveled down your neck towards your breasts. Arching into him more, you let out a breathy moan when you felt his lips brush against your nipple.

"Henry" you whimpered as you began to grind against him, the movement causing the both of you to let out moans and groans of pleasure.

His hands squeezed your ass cheeks roughly as he pulled you closer. It was taking everything in him to stop from taking you right then and there. He could practically feel the arousal dripping from between your legs as you grinded against him. The noises escaping from your lips weren't helping either.

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