I disembarked on the first world I came across, it had sandy roads and deserts. Along with a beautifully constructed palace that could be seen anywhere in the city. Where I was now looked like to be a market place, filled with people, salesmen, and kids with no homes. I walked along the busy streets, wandering. I had no choice but to. This was the first time I'd been to a world where I didn't know who or what I was looking for. No sense of direction. It felt odd. I kept moving passed people, hearing nothing but blurred voices, of kids laughing or salesmen selling. I went onto another street that was straight ahead, it wasn't as crowded but still had people. This was probably the main street. I then heard some sort of scuffle.

            A girl was being accused of being a thief, she had given a boy an apple and didn't realize it needed to be paid for, and was about to get her hand cut off. And above sitting on top of the tent, was a guy. He had wavy black hair, a hat, a purple vest with nothing underneath, with a pair of tan flowing bottoms and no shoes. He also had a monkey sitting on his shoulder, who was also wearing a hat.

            "Do you know what we do to thieves?!" the salesman yelled.

            "No, please?!" the girl begged. 

            I arrived in the knick of time to block his sword with my keyblade. I pushed him back and sent him on his back.

            "Leave, before I finish you off," I threatened. He nodded, shakily, and took off. I turned to the girl who had the biggest brown eyes I'd ever seen. She was in awe. "Are you ok?"

            "Yes..." she replied softly. "Thank you."

            She had black hair, wasn't sure how long because she was wearing  a brown hooded cloak over her clothes. She wore a blue headband that had a huge blue jewel in the middle that had a slim gold frame. I could also see the shine of gold earrings and a necklace through her hood. She also had a pair of blue shoes that curled at the tip, nice and clean. She was no commoner.

            "I'm afraid I prevented a rescue..." I said.

            "What?" she asked.

            "Sorry about that," I said as I turned to look up at the guy who was still sitting on the tent above. "I wasn't sure how quick you were going to move..."

            "As long as she's safe that's all that matters. I'm Aladdin," he introduced himself, and then his monkey. "And this is Abu."

            Abu smiled and tipped his hat.

            "Nice, to meet you, I'm Ayame," I nodded and turned back to the girl. "And you are?"

            "Oh! I'm Jasmine. Thank you so much, I was terrified."

            "No problem. Be safe now."

            I then walked off leaving them two there to converse. I had done my part. But there was no doubt in my mind. Just by the way she was dressed and by the way she carried herself and how polite she was....that girl was the princess...and must be the Princess of this world. I've been around princesses enough to know them as soon as I see them. Well at least she's not in danger...at least not know. With or without me the Organization would intend to finish what they started, and probably hoping to get my heart along the way.

            I kept walking along  the main street that soon led to the gates of that beautiful palace. The palace gates were empty barely anyone was around it, I assumed that all of their security must be on the other side of the door. Behind the palace walls I could hear the uproar of the missing princess. I decided not to intervene it wasn't my place. I began to think about the organization and what they'd do next, until a voice interrupted them.

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