22. Erasing from the scratch

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Killian and Trisha were standing in the garage waiting for Sage's signal for getting in. Ryan was in the security room keeping an eye on the cameras. While the two new joiners in the team, Shay, and Janel were on the front gatekeeping an eye on the guards just in case any security alarms went off.

The plan was simple of breaking and entering and smashing every single piece of valuable DNA collection. 

Trisha was confident that she would just enter the halls and walk to the room, use the key card that Killian gave her and walk out feeling proud of a job well done.

But it is never as simple as it seems. Sage looked out of the window from the fifth floor of the building indicating to them that this was the floor completely empty because most of the time researches and doctors worked till late at night.

On receiving the signal Trisha and Killian started climbing up to the fifth floor and everything was fine till then but suddenly the door opened and two guards walked out followed by Killian's father. 

"There they are like I expected." He said, "Instead keep my son out of this. This girl here is manipulating him".

The look of betrayal was evident in Killian's eyes. But that didn't last long as Trisha practically gave one of the guards a flying kick while the other was thrown over her shoulder. She took guns from one of them and pointed at Killian's father.

"You should better get out before I shot you right in your head." She threatened.

The tattoo did more than making her fearless, she had the instincts and moves of a soldier now. Killian kind of feared what she could do now. Fear is an important factor sometimes to keep you in line.

"Trisha he is my father." Killian furiously whispered even though he was hating him right now.

"Yeah, and he killed your beloved Killian and so many more. He even threatened to kill me." She said not worried that this will shatter the father-son relationship.

"What?" Killian couldn't believe.

He had almost killed herself when the girl he loved died not even knowing who killed her or that how he was about to kill the girl he had now come to love.

"You can't do this? Your family and everyone you love will pay the price." Killian's father said but his voice trembled with fear.

"For now are you ready to give your life at this moment?" Trisha said holding the gun like she has killed before without any hesitation.

Killian's father moved away but before entering Trisha shot a sleeping dart at him so that he could not be a problem any further. But what they both didn't realize that before falling unconscious one of the guards had sent out back up request.

The two almost ran to the fifth floor to be greeted by more guards. who Sage was handling quite well. 

"Stay back," Sage called out to Trisha.

But before he said that Trisha was already using her newly learned or rather developed moves to help Sage. While Killian entered the room using the key card.

More guards started coming in followed by Shay and Janel to fight them off. While Shay was great with one on one fight, Janel was like a cat, quick on feet. But all of their skills were not getting rid of the guards and police forces now surrounding the area. The plan was falling apart. But Trisha was not taking this as a failure. She was fighting and Sage realized that she didn't hesitate while doing it. She didn't even fear getting hurt.

She walked head on and it was luck or mostly other helping them that kept the bullets hitting her.

"What are you doing?" Killian called out.

"Come out." She said knocking another guard down.

And he did not sure why she would want to leave the DNA collection room empty.

Next thing he knew she pulled a bomb attached to the belt of the guard she just knocked out and pulling off the key she threw the hand grenade into the room. Killian already made the run for it and practically had to drag Trisha out. He sent a go signal to other and they started rushing to the rooftop followed by many more.

But Trisha just smiled at the moment.

 They expected so much loyalty from the people they changed and experimented on that they didn't even have a plan B, they didn't even have the top-notch security system that Dormants had. The nerve of them to think that are making angel on earth when they are just creating dolls with manners.

From finding the perfect match they have upgraded to flawless DNA's for the time Trisha was gone and now they were trying to make the perfect humans with intellect and a great sense of right and wrong. But that was just wrong and now all that stash of DNA collection and their supposed chance at redemption was gone.


Killian and Janel treated the various burns and injuries Trisha had after almost bombing the place and then free falling into the trash truck below them from the rooftop of the building. Her right hand was now secured in a cast while almost every bone in her body ached.

As much as she was fearless, she was still not invincible.

She was hiding in the wooden shed of Sage's garden where someone would least expect them as it was the mayor's place.

While Ryan and her parents were still in the house pretending to be shocked that their rebel daughter came back.  All the CCTV footage was deleted and there was no suspicion at all that her parents were involved in this, at least for now.

The city was under attack by a terrorist, that is what the news was calling Trisha. They still haven't targeted Killian or Sage personally since they didn't leave out a confession video. 

"Now what?" Sage asked as they sat down all injured and having destroyed the base of their nation's hypocritical plans.

"I don't know." Trisha genuinely said.

"I can try something." Sage offered with already a plan in his mind.


"My father is a powerful figure and as far as I remember my mother loves me so I can try convincing them about the plague and they can take protective measure while we can still stay clear."

This was a nice but very risky option.

"You might get caught." Killian sounded a little worried.

That made Sage chuckle, "Are you worried for me sweetheart."

Killian glared at Sage for taking this matter as a joke.

"What other options do we have?" Trisha was evaluating if the risk was worth taking.

"For now nothing, sooner or later we will be found and then thrown into prison. God knows what repercussions we would have to face then."

"Okay then let's do that. We did nothing wrong, there is nothing we should be afraid of." Trisha said and for a moment both Killian and Sage thought she was not convinced with her own words.


Imagine the aftermath of what Trisha did

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Imagine the aftermath of what Trisha did. But do you think that was all the DNA stash they had?! Maybe or maybe not ;)

What is Alice up to with her plague virus...you will know soon enough :)

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