Alright I've been tagged twice, let's just do this shit!

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I've been tagged by Crescendo_of_Silence to do this so let's get started!!!!!
10 facts about myself...that's me!

Before we start I also want
To do this!

1.I'm 15 years old and young and crazy and I'm a girl, yes I have a vagina.😂

2.I'm from the UK so I've got a sexy accent, I know you American lot love it 😉😂😂

3.I tend to swear a lot, I'm not sure why, it's not cause I wanna be cool I think it's cause I get angry at lot and quite easily so I tend to swear to calm down by swearing- I think.

4.I'm Hindu and I have quite tanned skin, brown eyes, long brown hair ( straight or curly)

5. I play the drums and really enjoy it, I also play basketball, table tennis and cricket.

6. In my spare time I like to song write, so like spend time writing lyrics to other artists backing track.I also LOVE playing video games PS4 ALL THE WAY!

7. My number 1 woman crush everyday has to be Camila Cabello like I don't care what anyone else says she's a life saver and she's the only reason I'm alive living on this earth right now. She's fucking beautiful and she's just so caring.Fuck Mathew 😂

8.I really want to be a music artist when I grow up and not just make music for the fame but make music so people can listen and one day I can be their inspiration.

9.I am as straight as a circle.Well I'm not Lesbian just bisexual.

10.I'm single and have been for 15 years, I guess I'm just waiting for " the one."

Bonus fact 👇👇👇👇

11. Cheese


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