He Takes His Anger Out On You |L.T img| pt.2

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I decided not to drive since I am too much of a mess right now, so I just start walking. It clears my head, and soon I realise it isn't my fault at all. My sadness quickly turns into anger and then frustration.
I am so frustrated with everything. I find myself walking past my favourite little coffee shop, so I decided to go in for something to warm me up.
I take my cup of coffee and sat a table in the far corner. As I wrap my hands around the warm cup, I heard the bell at the door chime, signalling a new customer.
My eyes slowly look up and realised it is Louis, and he is heading this way. I refuse to break eye contact so I just stare into his piercing eyes until he stands at my table.
"Mind if I sit down?" he askes, a hopeful expression on his face.
"I do, yes." I say.
Louis' face drops.
"Please, at least give me a chance?" He begs, pulling out the chair.
As he sits down, I stand up.
"I just wanted you to let me in Louis. That's all. I didn't want you to kill ten people, I just wanted you to tell me what's bothering you so I can try and fix it." I say, walking out and leaving him.
As I exit the cafe, I heard his footsteps closing in on me.
"Well is it too late to let you in now?" He asks, placing a hand on my shoulder. I stop and turned around, staring at him.
"I know your hurting Louis, I don't know why but it doesn't matter anymore. I know you're just trying to hurt me so I know what you feel, but you just went too far this time, Louis." I say and begin walking again.
He suddenly pulls me back and kisses me.
I didn't kiss back because a kiss can't just fix this. He somehow senses that.
"Ok, how about you let me buy you dinner and then I'll explain. If you still want to leave then that's fine, I understand. At least just give me a chance to explain?" He begs, staring into my eyes.
I bite the inside of my cheek and nod.
We walk slowly in the direction of some cafe. I am beyond calm now, and I already forgave him, now I just want to know what's wrong.
Halfway through our silent walk, I place my hand in his and lace our fingers together. He smiles slightly and squeezes my hand.
"Simon want's Harry to go solo." He suddenly blurts out, staring straight in front of him as we walk.
"What? Are you serious?" I say, looking up at his face. He sadly nods.
"And? What does Harry say?" I ask.
He glances at me and we continued walking.
"He said he'll think about it. Simon reckons were holding Harry back, and he has much more potential." Louis says, his voice cracking.
"Oh, Lou. I'm so sorry. But Harry can't go solo! It's not fair to you! Simon is just being a dick." I say, mad now.
Louis slightly laughed and kissed my head. "I know love. I love you how get so worked up over something you have no control over. I'm Sorry I didn't tell you. I just haven't quite wrapped my head around the entire idea."
I smile and place my head against his shoulder.
"It's ok. I understand." I say, kissing his jaw.
"I love you" he says
"Love you too." I say and he pulls me in for a kiss.
"Thank you for always putting up with my shit. I know I can be a hand full and I'm so glad to have you." Louis says as we sit down in the café.
I smile at him and take his hand. "It's my pleasure, Lou. I wouldn't be anywhere else than by your side, dealing with your shit." I say, making him chuckle


This isn't mine this is from the great @shit-is-what-it-is on tumblr:)

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