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|In which things are starting to get a little heated|

|In which things are starting to get a little heated|

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"Alright, lets get you to your room, bud. Its way past your bedtime." You hear your husband as he prompts your five year old son, Tanner, to get into bed. It was about 9:00 at night and his normal bedtime would usually be around 8:00 but Zayn had let him stay up a little longer so he could watch Toy Story 3 with the two of you. Now you were about half way through the movie and he was already snuggled up close into your side getting ready to drift right off.

"Go with dad, sweetie. Ill see you in the morning." You coo and place a kiss on the top of his head.

"Okay.." He murmurs sweetly before sleepily rubbing his eyes with the back of his palms. Pretty soon Zayn was lifting him up into his arms so he could carry him back into his bedroom.

Minutes later Zayn was back inside of your shared room already starting to discard the clothes off of his body until he was in nothing but a pair of boxers. You then felt as his inked arms pulled you into his bare, shirtless chest. He then lets out a sudden yawn.

"Im exhausted." He chuckles raspily against the back of your neck, his warm breath giving you chills as he places a gentle open mouthed kiss there. You sigh in content as he continues to leave a trail soft kisses down your neck until he eventually reaches your collar bone. You lift your hand up to run it through his thick, messy hair and he uses his elbows for support to hover above you, his lips barely grazing yours.

"You don't seem that tired to me." You tease before eventually letting his soft lips connect with your awaiting ones, finally closing off any space that was left in between the two of you. He hums contently as you deepen the kiss and his tongue soon starts to peak out of his mouth to slide along your bottom lip, but before things started to get a little too heated you pulled away.

"Not tonight, Zayn. I'm tired and on top of that I don't want Tanner to wake up..." You confess and soothingly run the tips of your fingers up and down his bare back.

He groans and buries his head in the crook of your neck , "C'mon baby, please." He breathes against your skin and places a couple more kisses there. "We haven't done anything in so long.."

That was the truth. You guys had just been so busy with work and on top of that raising a child together wasn't the easiest thing to do. It was like you never got time to yourselves anymore and you weren't gonna lie, It was tempting, it really was, but you couldn't risk it. Not with your child being fast asleep in the other room.

"Love, hes not going to wake up, I promise. The doors locked, anyway." He urges once more as his hands travel up your shirt and begin to roam up and down your sides. You sigh at the soothing feeling of his warm hands contrasting with your freezing cold skin and pretty soon it was becoming harder and harder to resist him.

Within seconds his lips were connecting against yours once again, but this time the kiss was even deeper. Immediately you felt as you started to get lost in the kiss and everything around you went blank. Your hands travel up his back and your fingers tangle all through his hair, earning a slight, pleasureful groan from the back of his throat.

"Alright, fine," You give in, "you win..."

And you were able to feel as a smirk started to form on his lips, "like always." He chuckles lowly.

You sigh as he makes his way down your neck again and nips lightly at your bare skin. Soon he was leaving a trail of tiny love bites from your neck to the beginning of your collar bone while you soothingly tugged on the roots of his dark hair.

"I love you so much..." His hot, shaky breath murmurs against your neck. His lips soon find their way down your chest making sure to kiss every single inch of your exposed skin that wasn't covered by your shirt. His fingers then begin to toy with the hem of your cotton tank top, but everything came to a sudden stop when the door handle began to rattle.

"Mommy?" You hear your son's sweet voice through the other end of the bedroom door which causes Zayn to let out a deep sigh.

"Shit.." He mutters out and starts to uncover himself so he could get up from off of you to let him inside.

Soon Zayn opens the door only to reveal your little boy standing on the other end, "Whats wrong, baby?" You coo as he runs over to you, his tiny feet padding against the cool, hardwood floor.

"Tummy ache." Is all he manages to mumble out and then begins to climb up the edge of the bed so he could lay right next to you again.

Immediately Zayn was walking over to the medicine cabinet to grab some children's motrine to give to him and then climbed into bed with Tanner in between the two of you.

"What did i tell you." You whisper and try to hold back a giggle being careful not to disturb your five year old that was nearly asleep by now.

He chuckles lowly and extents his arm so that he could place your head onto his chest, "You just want me to admit that you're always right..." He teases and presses a soft kiss onto your temple.

"And that's because i am always right.." You correct looking up at your husband In admiration. He was practically already half asleep, and you smile as you run your fingers through his hair and place a small kiss on the side of his cheek.

He lets out a slight laugh and pulls you a little closer to him, "Alright, you win this time, Y/N..."


Not mine this from the amazing @zaynximagines on tumblr:)

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