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Standing on the far edge of the crowd he was concealed by the shadows. Gazing up from his drawn up hood to hide his face he looked at the villages demon lord. A millennium has finally passed and the long awaited moment was here. A twisted grin appears on his face. People thought the millennium battle was barbaric and a battle without cause, but for people like Derik who sought nothing but bloodshed and destruction it was the perfect opportunity to cause mayhem. Derik could care less about the crown of Allis Mundi that would be given to the winner. This was a battle the gods had given them after years and years of constant fighting against the clans. Oh how Derik missed those days, when they would rampage other cl ns villages. He had never one to deal the finally blow to his opponents. He always liked to cut them up slowly and hear them beg for death.

Each clan had their own way of choosing their warriors, for his clan they would go through training and only the best of the best. All the people were gathered at the square to hear who this millenniums participant would be. The demon lord, Fester, stood on the woodestage, a slip of paper in his boney hand. Demons could take any form that they pleased, and for some reason Derik couldn't understand, the old man always took that form. Not only that but he was apparently thinking about ageing like a HUMAN. He shivered in revulsion.

He was brought back to the present hearing the old man clear his throat. "This millenniums participant is..." the old mans spoke, his voice drifting through the crowd filled with power sending shivers through the lesser demons in the crowd. "Derik."

People turned around to see Derik who still stood shrouded by shadows. Excitement bubbled in Derik, his veins started to pump in adrenaline. "This is going to be fun.." he chuckled grinning from ear to ear his teeth sharpening like a shark in anticipation.

"Follow me Derik." The old demon lord spoke walking off the stage not bothering to see if Derik was following.

As Derik followed the old man they walked all the way to the outer edge of the demon realm. They stopped in front of the portal that would lead him to the human realm, some of the demon lords soldiers already gathered around the portal. A soldier with piercing yellow-orange eyes handed a back pack he knew had weapon and any other supply he might need.

"Derik." The demon lord spoke. Derik looked up to find the old man studying him. "Just don't get yourself killed."

Derik gave the old man a wolfish grin. "As if they can even touch me before I'd slit all their throats."

Fester sighed his green eyes filled with weariness, "That's what I'm afraid of."

Derik gave him a confused look unsure of what exactly he meant by that. Wasn't killing the whole part of this "game"? Shrugging it off as old guy talk as he turned to face the portal. His vision began to dimen as his demon senses were starting to take over. Jumping into the portal Derik was thrusted into the human realm, into Montana. His demon senses allowed him to smell the fresh air of the mountains. Closing his eyes he let the demon take over, opening his eyes he sprinted into the forest, trees whizzing past him as he became too fast for human eyes to see. Blending into the shadow realm he ran as a black shadow that raced that raced through the Montana mountains.

Let the games begin..


So far so good I think. Im gonna try to get started on chapter one of "A Demons Desire". *squeals* ik I haven't described Derik's appearance but I will in the next chapter. Promise!

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