Chapter 1

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Rose P.O.V.

"Can you say that about everyone you used to meet your ends? Guardian Belikov and Miss Hathaway had no say in what you made them do." Victor chuckled. "Well,that's a matter of opinion. I honestly don't think they minded. But if you have time after this case, Your Honor,you might want to consider trying a statutory rape case."

I froze. He'd done it. He'd really done it.

My breath starts getting heavy. My heart starts pounding in my ears. I grip my knee hard and start to panic. I take a glance at Dimitri and he is eyeing Victor. He has his fists balled up and his knuckles are white. Everybody turned around to look at me and Dimitri. I stare at them speechless. The Queen looks at us with eyes as big as saucers.

Victor starts laughing, and everyone turns back around, "it wasn't a charm to fight each other. They did attack each other, but is was sexually". You could hear gasps around the room. I wanted so bad for the floor to open up and swallow me whole right then in this situation.

Everybody started breaking out in whispers. Queen Tatiana was trying to get everybody's attention yelling "order", over and over again. Lissa looked at me shocked as all of her emotions started to flood into me. Betrayal. Hurt. Confusion. And many more. "Rose is that true? Was the charm like the way he said?", I just looked at her shocked that she would believe the man that kidnapped her over me.

"Rose tell me", I couldn't speak. I was too shocked about this whole situation. She got up and left leaving me all alone facing the whole courtroom, since Dimitri wasn't going to be here I already know it. I could feel through the bond hatred, and betrayal. At me? But what for? It wasn't my fault I fell in love for him. It wasn't my fault that I had a lust charm, that was all Victors fault.

I could feel all the darkness from Lissa consuming and I started seeing black spots, my eyelids became heavy. I fell to the floor and blackness consumed me.

Dimitri P.O.V.

I was sitting in court and Victor just said the worst possible thing he could. My career is ruined, my life is ruined. I am going to be in jail. This is all his fault, I thought staring at Victor with hatred. Staring at the person that I hated almost as much as my father. I was seeing red, my fists were clenched. Everybody was looking at us with wide eyes and mouths open. I couldn't believe this asshole did this shit! And now look everybody freaking believes it! I am screwed so much. What about Roza?, my mind said.

I couldn't let this happen. I will take the fall. I can't have her losing her future. I care for her too much to let that happen. Vasillisa ran passed me and I was staring at her fading figure. I heard a thump and looked away to see Roza lying on the ground, unconscious. I got up even with the gawking eyes, and put her in my arms. I started talking to her in Russian, "Please Roza please wake up. I can't lose you please. Come on Roza. Don't leave me. I love you milaya. Please wake up ". A few people gasped at my actions and there were murmurs across the room. No doubt talking about me and Roza.

I looked up from Roza's unconscious figure and saw Victor smirking. That bastard! How dare he does this shit to us? Just because he his plan didn't go as he thought it would because of that damn lust charm. I held Roza tighter to my chest and ran to the infirmary on court leaving chaos in the courtroom. As soon as I walked out with Roza in my arms all hell broke loose. Yelling and more yelling. The Queen trying to calm everyone down. I ran to the Infimary praying that Roza was alright.

I didn't care that people watched as I was running. It doesn't matter anymore. People are going to find out especially when it comes to snotty Royals. I ran to the infirmary and started yelling until a doctor came up to me and ushered me into a room so I can lay down Roza. I looked at her face and saw that she was turning pale. I started to panic and ask all the questions that popped into my head. "Calm down Guardian Belikov, she will be alright if you let me do my job. Let me take care of her please and go outside in the waiting room and calm down".

I opened my mouth to speak but she beat me to it, "Please for her", she looked at Roza. I knew then I had to do what she said because I would do anything possible for my Roza. I nodded my head at the doctor and walked out into the waiting room. I sat down my head in my hands lost in thought, then Alberta popped into my head. "Shit!", I got out my phone and started to dial Alberta. "Head Guardian Petrov speaking", she said. "Alberta?", I didn't use her Guardian title so she knew something was wrong. "Dimitri? Where did you go? You left the courtroom in hell." I sighed, "did you see what happened to Rose?". In the background I could hear muffled voices, she must not be in the courtroom. "No, what happened Belikov? Is my daughter okay?", awe she actually calls her that. "Alberta she is in the infirmary. I thought that since you are her mother figure you should be first to know", I rubbed my hand up and down my knee. "I will be right there", and then she hung up. I put my head back in my hands, trying to calm me down. God I hope Roza will be okay. I have hidden my love her too long already. I could deny the allegations but no I am not going to. Who am I kidding denying them for so long. Look at that woman. She wants me and I want her but no I have to be an ass and tell her things I regret saying. I love her so so so much. She is everything to me. I get brought out my thoughts by my phone ringing, "Belikov".

I hear the voice and know who it is immediately. "Grandson, flower will be ok for now. You just have to stick together. Don't leave her, she will need your help. Stay together no matter what", Yeva said. I started to reply but got cut off by the phone hanging up. She is always saying these encrypted messages. She will never say what exactly is going on when she has those visions.

I put my phone back in my pocket and sat there for awhile just thinking and thinking and thinking. "Belikov", I stood up to greet Alberta. "Alberta", I shook her hand, "she just hit the floor in the courtroom. I brought her here as soon as it happened. The doctors kind of asked me to leave the room because I wasn't letting her do her job". She sat down and looked at her, "how did Victor find out about you have two? It took me a little time but it was one of things are hidden in plain sight", I looked at her wide eyed. I leaned in and whispered, "you knew?" She nodded her head and smiled, "just because you think you are slick doesn't mean you are", I chastised myself in Russian. "Dimitri you better treat her right. I don't want to see what happened in that gym before the ski trip happen again", I blushed knowing what time she saw. There was only one time and that was when she kissed me and I just had to kiss her back. But then I pushed her off telling her in a demanding voice not to do that again. Even though I wanted her so bad to do it again. Then I walked away leaving her in the middle of the gym.

"Yes I know about it in case you are thinking of that time. Why did you push her off when you are clearly in love with her?" I sighed and looked down. I motion around me, "I didn't want to go any further because of this. We didn't know what the court would say if we did. She is underage and I am her mentor. Plus we are both Vasilissa's guardians. If she was my guarding partner I would jump in front of her instead of the Princess. I would completely forget my duty for her. She comes first to me not the moroi". Alberta looked at me, "you really do love her if you are saying that". I nodded my head, "I know I treated her wrong but look at the circumstances. How will it ever work out between us and our duty and the whole Court against us now which we were trying to avoid".

I put my head in my hands and closed my eyes. She patted me on the back which is very unusual for both of us but it did help. ¨I am sorry you have to go through all this. I never looked at it that way, explains some things between you two. There is always between you, I saw it all the time when I saw you both together¨. I blushed knowing what kind of tension she is talking about. I nodded my head instead of saying anything. We stayed like that with her hand on my back patting gently and reassuringly.

It felt like days that we waited in the waiting room. Waiting for answers from the doctor. Alberta got up and went to get us some coffee knowing well I am not leaving my spot here unless it is to see Roza. It was quiet until suddenly a lot of nurses and the doctor I talked to rush to Roza's room. As soon as I got up from my seat and rushed to her room. To see the doctor was using a defibrillator on my Roza. The machine was not beeping anymore. There was no sign of a heartbeat. They kept using it on her and I tried to get to her but the people pushed me out and closed the door. I sat on the floor right next to her door crying. My Roza's heart wasn't beating. I never got to cherish her. She died and I never told her the truth. I sat and cried, crying for the woman I love.

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