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I was so pissed at the post. Everything was a lie. I didn't even know the girl. She was just another annoying ig model trynna get clout.

I tried calling Kai but she declined every time. Instead of texting her to answer me, I'll just explain through text.

Me: Baby I don't even know that girl. You probably won't believe me but it's the truth. I wasn't even following her. I searched her name in my DM and she's been trying to talk to me. Please believe me Kai!

I waited for a response but didn't get one.

Me: I know you're mad but I really didn't do anything princess. Ice cream?

I think the ice cream is gonna get her to reply. She loved food.

No response still.

I went on insta and screenshot the girl being thirsty in my inbox and posted it on my story.

Melo I'm down for one girl, no time to be entertaining sides 🤞🏽

I posted a picture with Kai and a lil paragraph.

Melo People quick to stomp you down without knowing the facts. She's my number one, I don't need nothing on the side ☝🏾❤️  My queen straight glowing

I tagged myself in the picture for them thirsty niggas trynna creep. Comments began to flow in on the post agreeing with me. Theshaderoomteens reposted everything and issued an apology.

I tried calling Kai one more time, this time she answered.

Me: Babe I'm sorry for the misunderstanding it's hard with this baller—

Wifey 🤞🏽💍: It's okay Melo you did nothing wrong. I should've listened to you instead of being immature about it.

Me: That's behind us now Kai, you still up for ice cream?

Wifey 🤞🏽💍: Yesssss! Pick me up please

Me: Alright I'm coming beautiful, bye

Wifey 🤞🏽💍: Okay bye

I hung up and headed to my vehicle. I drove to Kai's house to get her. I opened the door for her as always. She came outside smiling. I'm happy to have her smiling again. I don't want to be the reason her smile disappears.

"Come here," I called motioning to her.

She cane and I hugged her tightly.

"Promise me that we'll talk out our problems next time," I sighed.

"I promise," She answered.

I pecked her forehead before she got in. I closed her door and made my way to the other side.

We arrived to the ice cream place and they took our orders.

"You excited for the playoffs?" She asked.

"I guess, I'm just trynna get through it."

"I'll be there supporting you baby, with my Ball jersey on," She grinned.

"I love how you support your man," I smirked.

"I wouldn't call Gelo my man but okay," She snickered.

I looked at her seriously causing her to stop laughing.

"I'm playing babe I'll wear your jersey."

"You better," I answered.

Our ice creams came and we ate. We joked around the entire time.

Maybe getting married wasn't bad after all.

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