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I asked her to read out all the little things she'd written about me on her memos. After all, I was the girl she came out of the closet for. She read every word, obviously embarrassed. When she asked me why I wanted to hear them, I told her it was because I wanted to remember how I felt towards her. It might not make sense, but when I heard the love in her writings for me, I remembered the love I'd felt for her. Angrily, I confessed to her I was in love with her. I don't remember why or how I got upset after this point, but I asked her to sneak over. She was fragile, scared of the dark and beautiful. Walking at night for an hour or so like that was more than unsafe. It surprised me that I would even ask her to walk, but the need to see her was powerful; demanding.
Without hesitation she agreed. She took a quick shower and hurried to my house. Her phone wasn't activated, so she needed WiFi to talk to me, so I anxiously waited for her to reach McDonald's, our checkpoint.
After reaching our checkpoint, she texted me. She told me which route she was taking and that she misses me, but only one sentence processed through my head.
"I'm in love with you too."
Immediately after she sent the text she exited WiFi; I knew she meant to leave before I could reply.
I'd been with my friend, Jason, while waiting on her arrival. We both sat inside, talking about nothing. Soon enough she got close enough to my apartment, that her phone automatically connected to my WiFi; she told me she was here. Jason and I quietly left the house. I walk to her and plant a soft kiss on her cheek as my arms wrapped around her waist leading her inside. I tell her to wait with my sister while I tell Jason goodbye.
She listened.
After a couple minutes I quickly enter my house and walk to my room, closing the door behind me.
"Hey beautiful." I say.
I shouldn't have, though. I told her I didn't want to flirt, or be romantic, yet the second I saw her and words could escape from behind my lips I couldn't help it.
I sit down on my bed, next to her.
"Come here, princess." I say, subtly patting my lap. She listened as always and laid her head on my chest as I held her hand over my heart. It seemed as if it was beating for her, only.
Not long after we started cuddling, I noticed glitter on her cheek. I hate glitter. I lifted her up, off of me and kicked my sister out of my room. I picked the glitter off of her skin and leaned in close to her face. I could see in her soft brown eyes that she loved me. Our faces inched closer to each other, and just before our lips met my sister bursts back into my room. I kick her out once more. We sit there, alone
Kayla is her name, by the way.
She lifted her head from off my chest and looked at me, "Remember how earlier you told me, you think you're in love with me?"
I smile and chuckle to myself, looking back at her, "I don't think, I know." I replied.
She took a deep breath, relieved and nervous at the same time. "Well, you're in love with me and I'm in love with you, so that means I can do this, right?" Her voice got softer as I noticed her leaning closer to me. I sit up slightly sit up and lean in to her kiss. My body grew weak and I fell back against the bed. I was in love with her, and she had all the control.
She's always been good with the romantic stuff, especially the physical aspect. Within seconds we were passionately kissing. She was on top of me, holding herself up while my arms were wrapped around her body.
I pulled away from the kiss, not only because I had to catch my breath but because I wanted to look at her. I wanted to see her beauty.
"I know I'm in love with you." I say to her.
"Then why do you always push me away?"
I sigh, "I never know how to bring you closer." My voice was soft, sad.
She leaned in, "You just have to do it." She whispered softly against my lips. With no notice, no time to reply, she closed the gap between our lips and another long kiss was shared.
I was bringing her closer. I was finally bringing her closer.
I didn't let her go after that, and things escalted quickly. Of course though, I stopped it.
"I promised myself I wouldn't fuck anyone after we broke up." I quietly said to her.
"Am I 'anyone' to you?" She asked me.
"Then what's the problem?"
I subtly smiled, "I promised myself. I have a bad habit of breaking promises, I can't break this one." Sarcasm and playfulness rang from my voice.
She caught on and began slowly kissing down my neck, "Sweetheart, this isn't fucking, it's making love."
That's kind of how it started. We went on for hours, reassuring each other how in love we were, not only because of the sex but because of every emotion that filled us both. She told me she could only do this if I was hers. I told her I was hers, and hers only. Towards the end she told me she needed to know I wasn't doing this with anyone else.
"Of course. It's just me and you. It's us, okay? Me and you." I replied, happily.
She smiled and repeated my words against my lips.
The night went on and hours passed. We were both exhausted, more so me, so she let me rest. Sadly, though it was already 5am, she had to go. We dressed ourselves and we said goodbye with a soft kiss and tight hug. After she left I went inside and laid down. Drugged up on love and adrenaline, I text her, "I'm in love with you, I'm sorry if I pass out. <3 You mean the world to me, my god I love you."
I woke up the next day, and I forgot what I had learned last night. I forgot how to bring her closer.

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