Shutting Everyone Out

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As you've already noticed, you can't marry nor date the person that is in opposite Faction. But with their power, surely they could. I mentally chuckled at the thought of Eric's future children with.. Her. They'd be smart, rude, and beautiful. That's for sure. I looked down at the ground, walking towards the stairs, still.

They're perfect for each other. She won't be so stupid as I to wait for a man like Eric. She'll treat him better than I ever could/did. Together, they may just conquer the world. Suddenly, my left leg went out. I tried to make a noise for some help, but nothing came out. So, I switched around so my face wouldn't get any more injuries.

The closer I got, though, I felt two arms wrap around me, then a soft cushion replaced the hard ground. When our bodies settled with the ground and each other, it took me a minute to calm myself down. Who just saved me? I looked up to see Eric not there anymore. That must mean.. I sat up, turning my head to look at Eric beneath me with a mad face.

"You idiot, be more careful." He grunted, glaring up at me.

I nodded at his words, getting up from the ground. I looked under me to watch Eric, slowly, getting up. When back on his feet, he brushed off the dirt from his black jeans and jacket.

"Come on. Hurry before the rest of the Leaders get back." He muttered, leading the way for the roof. Silently, I followed along, keeping my mind in clouds, but my feet on the ground.

* On the Roof *

He held the door opened for me once we were done walking up the stairs. We reached the roof, the Sun was just about to go down into the abyss. I sat down on the ground, crossed my legs and arms. I laid my arms on the railing of the roof and leaned my chin on top of them, just watching the Sun go down with my one eye.

"I know you're trying to shut everyone out, (Y/N)." Eric spoke from behind.

I shrugged at the truth. I want to. I don't want to be hurt and I don't want to hurt everyone around me, or well, those who still choose to be around me. Not Four. Not Max. Not Victory.. And not him. Especially him.

"You shouldn't do that. It's not healthy."

You've done it/doing it, now. Why can't I?

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