Jean X Eric, Huh?

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"Eric is.. Eric. He's always going to blame someone, even if it's his fault. If he doesn't, he blames himself and gets mad at everyone."

Even without having to see her face, I could tell she rolled her eyes.

'Is he dating Jean?'

She stayed silent after she read the question and her movements slowed.

"Who told you?"

'I can tell by the way she looks at him.'

"What about him?"

I didn't write anything back, because I couldn't. He's become so hard to read, nowadays.

* After Hair *

I changed into a long-sleeved, black shirt, black ripped jeans, finger-less gloves, the mask that Max gave me, and slip-on, black shoes.

"All done!" Victory smiled down at me.

She held the door opened for me to walk out of. Casually, I walked out of the small space with my hair braided at the left side. Eric was laying on my bed, passed out. He looked so calm in his form. Victory giggled a bit at the male-like behavior.

"Eric." Victory said his name in a normal tone.

No response, only a light snore.

"Eric!" She shouted this time.

I jumped a bit.

"ERIC!" She yelled.

I winced at the volume of her voice. Eric jumped at the voice, jumping from the bed to the ground. He had a knife in his hand, looking around the room until he realized the situation. When realization hit, he put the knife back into his pocket.

"You sleep hard." Victory commented.

He shrugged, "Maybe you shouldn't yell at me."

She rolled her eyes.

"You done?" He directed the attention to myself.

"Good, come on. You need air."

He walked over to my bedroom door, opening it up for me. I looked over at Victory. Is she coming with us?

"I'm helping Four." She informed me as if she read my mind.

I, hesitantly, nodded walking to the wooden door with the two behind me.

"She's progressing perfectly. You don't need to worry about her, Eric."

"I know, but I'm still going to help her."

I pressed the button near the door for it to open automatically. When it was done opening, fully, I walked out on my apartment. Instead of going right, to the elevator, I went left to the rooftop.

"Where are you going?" Eric asked behind me with his hands in his pocket

Victory was already on her way to the elevator when I turned around to look at him. All I did was nod my head up. He grunted, turning his whole body towards the stairs. Why is he following me? Victory told him I was fine by myself. Can't he go to Erudite with Jean? I mean, he has the power to pick her to be his wife.

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