Battle Scar

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She smiled down at my sitting form as she took the white board from my shaking hands. She placed it onto the white sink. She, then, walked over to the shower, putting it on cold. God, this is going to feel like Four's room. She walked back over to me, taking off the bandages, slowly. Very slowly.

I watched her, carefully, awaiting the facial expressions change from smiling, happy to scared, disgusted. It never did. She kept the smile on her face, not even faking it. If it was fake, though, she's a good hider. That's for sure. I can't believe it, though. She never.. She never changed her facial expressions.

"Okay, Beautiful. Now the clothing. Don't get shy on me now." She giggled a bit, her tone never changing.

She kept at it with the cute, gushy nicknames. She wasn't fazed by the skin burnt off, nor the, most likely, still oozing eye. Heh, at least she still thinks that I'm pretty.

* After Shower *

I clutched the white towel around my shaking chest. I heard two light knocks on the other side of the door.

"You can come in. She has a towel." Victory said from behind me.

She was patting down my hair for me. The door gradually opened, hearing a creak as it did so. In the door frame was Eric, holding onto my clothing.

"Did it hurt?" He asked my shaking form.

I nodded a bit at the question.

"I'm surprised you didn't yell." Victory commented, still lightly patting for me.

"I know, I expected that too." He mumbled in agreement.

Weak; I'm weak compared to them. I see that now.. He laid the clothing on the counter. He looked at me one last time before walking out of the room, shutting the door.

"You know.. I still think you're pretty hot, even with the cut and scar." She commented, grabbing the brush from the toilet seat.

Whilst she did that, she handed me the white board as well.

'Stop lying.. I know what I look like, Victory.': I showed her.

She got back behind me, gliding the hairbrush against the wet hair.

"I know you do, but I still like it. It may not be cool to some, but to me it reminds me of a... hmm.. Battle Scar.": She tried to reassure me.

'Yeah, a fight that I lost.. I lost pretty terribly to add. He made sure that I remember him.'.

"Braided or nothing?"


"You may have lost, but that doesn't mean anything. We all lose. Wasn't that your first lost, anyways?"

'Yes, but.. I was so weak. I should've known better.. I should've listened better.'

"(Y/N), you were in love, or well, love that you thought was good. I don't blame you. No one does, actually."

'Eric does.'

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