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My eyes ignored him even with the luscious light blue orbs staring back at me, mine started to tear up. Did he spend the night? He's in the clothes from before. We just stared at each other, silently.

"Calm down, okay? It's just me." He reassured, staring back with a stern look.

Quickly, I realized the situation. I contained myself, holding back the hard breathing that my body begged to do. I nodded at him as he looked at me confused. I think, I hope, he brushed off the past accident. He leaned away from me.

"You survived the night, (Y/N)!" A cheerful voice from behind Eric said proudly.

I looked behind Eric to see Victory with her arms crossed over her fairly large chest. I didn't respond in any way to her words.

"Come on." Eric mumbled, helping me from the bed.

"Don't help her, Eric, she's got this. You aren't always going to be there." Victory said, pushing him away, gently.

Eric growled at the girl before slowly allowing himself to let go of me. I balanced myself without his help, moving my right and left leg.

"See, she's got this." She praised me.

I repeated the pattern until I was at the bathroom door.

"Now, be fixing her some clothes while I bathe her. Don't think she would want to let you see her in that naked form." Victory giggled some at her opinion.

I mean..

"Why should I? What if she falls and you can't catch her in time?" He snapped back, refusing to do what he was told to do.

That's Eric. That's my Eric. Not the obedient pup like he was with Jean.

"I will, I will. Stop worrying so much. You're acting like her boyfriend."

I wish.

"Whatever. It's on you when she falls or gets hurt, again." He growled, walking towards my light grey drawers.

"Alright, Pretty lady. Lets go." Victory encouraged the task.

She got in front of me, opening up the door. I walked inside the opened door, by myself. I must admit, though, I did grab the door frame for balance. After that, I sat down on the closed toilet seat.

"Okay, how do you like your water? Medium hot? Medium cold? Very hot? Very cold?" She asked me, tilting her head at the question.

Victory, you Idiot, how the hell am I suppose to answer that? I gave her a look that said, 'The Hell, You Idiot?' She snapped her fingers in the air like she figured out a hard equation before running out of the white, tiled area. She ran back in with my white board.

'Cold. Doc said I don't even need to get anything wet, yet.'

She shrugged, "Cold it is."

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