Hatred to Himself

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Gently, I shook my head for a 'no'. He nodded once again, scanning my face with his eyes, sighing. There's something that he's hiding. I most likely know what it is. It's either disappointment or 'I'm dating Jean' statement. I don't blame him for being disappointed in me either.

"I'll, " He started, straightening his back up fully, letting go of me, "be back tomorrow with Victory to help bathe and clothe you. Do you need anything else?"

I looked down at my feet, moving them lightly. I wasn't even thinking when I grabbed something.

'Would you sleep on the ground or something?.. I don't want to be alone.' I wrote onto the board, not even hesitating.

He read it, looking at me then the floor. He kept his mouth shut, like he was thinking about it. Please.. say yes.

"You'll be fine." Was all he muttered before walking out of the door, shutting it by himself this time.

I felt nothing when he was gone. I didn't feel sadness, I didn't feel depressed, I didn't even feel jealous.. I felt empty, that's all.

* Eric's P.O.V *

"You'll be fine." Was all I muttered towards the broken woman.

I hate the words and I hate myself for saying that so blunt. Why did I even say that? Why didn't I just sleep with her on the bed? I shut the door behind me, trying to at least say sorry in my own way. I'm so fucking stupid. I ran my fingers through my hair, groaning silently, so she wouldn't hear it.

I looked in the corner of my right eye to see the light brown wooden door. It held the girl that.. I love the most behind it. I stared at it for the longest until my eyes started to hurt. What is so wrong with me? Why can't I get over the fact that she still picked Leo over me? That's not important right now!

Yet, here I am, allowing my rage and jealousy to get grasp of me. After shouting at myself, I walked over to the couch. Screw it. Jean can wait, (Y/N) needs me more than ever. I wasn't there for her then, but I can be here now, can't I? I laid on the couch, staring at the door, like I was awaiting her to come out with that precious smile.

God, the things I would do just to see that smile once more.

* In the Morning *

* (Y/N)'s P.O.V *

Suddenly, I felt the feeling of strong hands on my shoulders. Leo. The name started to pound against my head until my body reacted. I shot up from the bed, ignoring the pain that coursed to my head.

"(Y/N), calm down. It's okay." Eric responded, quickly.

He let go of my shoulders, keeping one hand on it, but released some pressure.

"It's okay, It's okay."

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