Final Touch

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I walked pass him, not bothering to wait for his 'special aid'. I continued to walk to the apartment buildings, wondering where all the Initiates were at. If I'm not mistaken, training time should be over by now. I shrugged off the thoughts. They're probably shopping or doing dumb stuff with Four.

* To the Apartments *

I've made three falls since I left the Infirmary. Now, Eric refuses to let go of my waist. I try to brush him off, and it does work but only for a few minutes or five.

"Almost there." He muttered from behind.

If you're so unhappy with touching me, why don't ya let go? I looked down at my bare feet. My mind was blank after that comment. What was there to think about now? Eric doesn't want anything to do with me. I haven't seen Four in awhile. No one wants anything to do with me. Just.. Just because of my looks.

It's not my fault I fell for the wrong guy. It's not my fault I didn't know that the right, I hope, guy didn't like me back. But now, he really doesn't like me back. I wish I was beautiful again. I wish I was me again, but now, I can't be.. Weak. I can't show any Fear. That's not me anymore. I'm solid, I'm a new (Y/N).

I opened up my mouth for like a sigh, but not even that would flow through my mouth. Sorry Eric. Sorry for being so stupid. That's not going to happen anymore. I promise.

"We're here." He informed me, breaking me from my thoughts.

He gripped my waist gently to signal me to stop.

'Thank you.' I wrote on the white board that was still in my left hand.

He shrugged at my writing, "What's your code?"


He pressed the code into the pin, making it make a beeping noise. It automatically opened for us. Once again, his hands found my waist. He casually led me into the room.

"Living room or bedroom?"


I want to think about the past, one more time. I need to do this. I need to try to gather myself. We made our way into my old, shared bedroom.

"I made sure that all of his stuff was burnt before you came back. The sheets have been washed to smell like you and everything of his is gone." He explained to me, opening up the wooden door for me.

I nodded, feeling grateful, first feeling since 'that'. When I was fully inside the room, I turned back around on my heels so my butt would be touching the bed when I bent down. Quickly, Eric let go of the door, letting it shut and grabbed my hips.

"Be careful." He muttered, squeezing them some.

He helped me sit on the bed. It hurt but not as bad as the hospital one.

"Are you okay? Need any pain killers?"


Sorry I haven't posted in four days, guys.

My boyfriend just moved to his new dorm

and I've been in a mess. Thank you for

reading while I was gone, though! <3

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