RUN moments (2015)

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JJ quickly shook her head, "I'll be fine next to you."

After the ride was over, Jungkook noticed how JJ didn't even scream from fear or go pale during the ride.

"Wait a minute~... were you pretending to be scared just to hold my hand?" He asked trying to hide his smile.

JJ only nodded with a cute smile.

Episode 4 -

After Taehyung failed to bring a piece of Jenga puzzle out, it was time for JJ to try.

She decided to pull a small prank on the boys and pretended to slip and fall in the water before she could catch her breath properly.

The boys panicked.

JJ came out of the water giggling, "I'm fine."

"This girl is gonna give us all heart attacks before we turn 30," Jimin said while clutching on to his heart.

"Don't try to push it out from the middle like Jin!"

The boys all gasped in surprised when they saw that JJ actually managed to push two puzzle pieces from the middle and place them on top easily without having the tower collapse.

Episode 5 -

After Jin finished tearing the pack apart and Namjoon throw a tissue in the air and catch it, JJ had to juggle 4 balls (Don't be nasty, I see you) while balancing herself on one foot.

She successfully did it and now Jungkook had to drink milk and throw the cartoon in the trash can.

It fell right next to the trash, not in.

JJ took one of the balls and threw it at the poor boy and it hit him on the shoulder, "ow!" He pouted and rubbed the area.

When they finally succeeded, they all took off running across the field.

Jungkook couldn't control his happiness when he easily scooped JJ off the ground bridal style and started spinning while screaming.

Episode 6 -

JJ came in and sat in front of priest Jimin to confess her sins.

"Yes my child. Tell me your sins."

"Last week, my friend Jimin came to me and asked if I knew why his bed was wet."

"Oh yes."

"I told him that I accidentally spilled some water on it while I was looking for something that I forgot in his room."


"But I wasn't telling the truth."

"You weren't?" He acted shocked.

JJ shook her head and pressed her lips together, "It was actually my puppy."

"Y-your puppy spilled a cup of water on your friend's bed???"

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