RUN moments (2015)

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There will be a lot of Jaekook moments, so be prepared.

Requested by @outofjamsss
I'm sorry that it's not what you wanted! I didn't know which episode to write about so I made it about JJ's incredible moments from RUN episodes.

Episode 1 -

"Hello. I'm JJ. 17 years old. Maknae. Everyone's favorite. Currently banned from cinnamon rolls by Jin."

"YAH USE HONORIFICS!" Jin yelled from behind camera while trying to hold in his laughter.

Episode 2 -

The members where taking turns to sit on a chair, with water in their mouth, and try not to spit the water out from their mouth and laugh while the 7 other members tried to tickle them.

It was JJ's turn to sit on the chair.

As soon as she sat down the boys started attacking her. Desperately trying to make her laugh.

The girl didn't even budge.

They didn't give up until Namjoon had to stop them since her shirt unbuttoned half way through, almost revealing her bra.

"Yah yah! Stop!" He said and the members immediately knew what happened. JJ went to the back and faced the wall as she fixed her shirt and went back to the boys and stood next to a very red faced Kook.

She still had water in her mouth.

"Are you going to keep the water in your mouth?" A staff member asked.

JJ patted Jungkook's shoulder and he turned around only to be covered in water from the girl's mouth.

Episode 3 -

BTS were at an amusement park for this episode.

It was obvious that both Jimin and Jhope were terrified.

But the maknaes were so hyper and excited.

When it was time for them to ride the rollercoaster, JJ pretended to be scared since she had to ride with Jungkook.

"J-Jungkook, I'm scared... can you please hold my hand...?" She asked nervously.

The poor boy fell for it and looked at her with a worried face, "Yes, of course. If you're scared you don't have to ride."

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