11. Picture to Burn

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The worst part about that day was that when I saw Jason and Heather together, sitting on my couch, my first thought was Oh my God, it's a surprise party! But then I remembered that it wasn't my birthday, and realized they were the only ones here.

"Hey, guys, what's going on?" They both jumped. They didn't hear me come in because they were deep in conversation.

Heather spoke first. "Shelley! How was work?" She seemed too cheerful.

"Uh...fine I guess. What's happening?"

Jason patted the chair next to the couch, indicating me to sit down. I was confused. Why would I sit on the chair and Heather sit with you?

I eventually, slowly, walked into the room and sat down.

"Shelley, Heather and I have something to tell you." I was silent while we all just stared at each other. "We're in love."

A stranger could have jumped through the window, punched me in the face and done a striptease, and, in that moment, I wouldn't have even noticed.

"Since when?"

Heather grabbed Jason's hand as she spoke. The sight made me want to vomit. "When we look back, it's been a long time, maybe even since high school."

My blood was boiling. "High school?!? You mean when you"  I pointed at Jason, "begged me to be your girlfriend after prom? Or when you" I pointed at Heather, "were fucking every guy who would give you the time of day while supposedly being my best friend?"

They didn't respond but just looked at each other, offering support. I wanted to slam their fucking heads together. "How long have you been fucking?"

Jason looked up at me. It must have been his turn to speak in the speech they had obviously prepared. "We have decided we wanted to tell you the absolute truth. No more lies."

"Oh how fucking generous of you," I said sarcastically.

"The first time we had sex was the night of our high school graduation," I took turns looking at the both of them. Jason had begged me to ditch my grandparents' celebration to come to the graduation party. It was the first big fight we had ever had. He continued, "Heather and I took a long break after that night, though, until after the wedding, but then we realized we always seemed to call each other when we were having problems with our relationships. We comforted each other."

"Is that what your calling it? Oh and thank for waiting until after the wedding where you were the fucking Maid of Honor! Oh, and groom!" I take a deep breath. "So how soon after the wedding did you wait before betraying me?"

"Can we not call it that? We were just following our hearts." Heather is pouting. Actually fucking pouting. I felt the steam rising off me. "So how long? How long did you wait before following your hearts?"

Jason looked down. He was ashamed. Fucking good. "A few months."

"A few fucking months?!? You are the biggest pieces of shit on the fucking planet. Both of you fucking deserve each other." I could tell my adrenaline was high; that's the only reason I wasn't curled into ball crying right now. I wanted to hit something.

I grabbed the coffee table and flipped it over, cups of liquid and all. I glanced up and saw pictures from our wedding on the fireplace mantel. Almost on instinct, I grabbed them and started throwing. I wasn't necessarily aiming them at the two con artists on the couch, but if someone ended up with some stitches, so be it.

"Shelley! Shelley! Stop! We have something else!" I heard Jason yell behind me. I could barely hear him, although I knew he was shouting. What else could there possibly be? My life is over already. My adrenaline was starting to die, and I could feel my hands shaking. Refusing to let them see me cry, I took a deep breath and turned around.

That's when I saw that Jason wasn't raising his arm to protect himself from the flying photo frames. His hand was guarding Heather's stomach. Oh my God.

"She's pregnant."

Heart getting ripped out of chest and thrown on floor, right?

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