♡Fade Away♡

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A sad silence filled the room as Michael finished packing up the last of your bags. You laid on the bed, watching him as he did so. Once he was done, he turned around to look at you - his eyes filled with sorrow.

"I'm sorry," you shook your head as he let out a breath.

"It's what you want,"

The issue at hand, was that in about a day or two - you were going to Switzerland to go through the process of assisted suicide. Mind you, you weren't terminally ill - chronic depression had just become too much for you to handle.

It was miserable waking up everyday, wondering why you just hadn't died the night before. It was pure torture to spend the day, feeling like you couldn't breathe.

It was cruel to deny your wish of ultimate peace. And as much as Michael, your husband, despised the idea - he knew that it was all inevitable. He was going to have to agree sooner or later.

With each day that passed, Michael had become more sad. He loved you, and he didn't want to lose you - but he also didn't want to force the idea of life on you. He didn't want you to hate him, ever.

"Michael," you whispered as he sat next to you on the bed, running his hand up and down your thigh.

"I can't believe that I'm going to lose you," he shook his head. "I love you so much,"

"I love you too," you brought your hands to cup his face. "But I wouldn't be any good here, living like a zombie. You deserve someone better,"

Michael shook his head and brought his eyes to meet yours. "I'll never ever love anyone as much as I love you," he whispered, moving in to share a chaste kiss with you.

The kiss developed, and in no time - the two of you had engaged in a night of sweet lovemaking, something that would cease to exist once you were gone.

There will be a part two!
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