5. 😁Building Confidence😁

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Take care of yourself 💁🏽‍♀️
-when you're looking your best and feeling your best, your confidence boosts.

Dress however YOU want to dress! 🗣
-you don't need to dress how others are dressing just because it's in style or it's trending. Dress how you feel comfortable and confident! Dress how you feel your best.

Speak with a purpose👏🏽
-I know that sometimes when people get shy, they tend to speak quieter. It's ok if you're a soft spoken person! Just make sure you speak firmly.

Smile 😊
-this can brighten someone's day and it makes people feel good about themselves!

-people who are overly confident are often seen as 'cocky'. When working on your confidence make sure you empower yourself and encourage others!

Stop comparing yourself to others!🤦🏽‍♀️
-the more you compare the more you lose confidence! Yes, everyone has their flaws and that's totally fine. But when you start comparing yourself to others and make it seem like you're not good enough, that's where there's a problem.

Be yourself and BE PROUD

*bonus tip*
Positivity is key!

Comment any other tips you have about confidence!


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